Winter Wines

Christmas is over; New Year hangovers dismissed; post binge guilt assuaged by a January detox and some will not have had a drop of liquor since the early hours of January 1st.

So if you are awaiting the first day of February with baited breath, then why don’t you plan to break the restraint with style. We have asked Kelli Coxhead of the Winscombe Wine Shop to pick out a selection of gorgeous winter wines to bring some cheer to frosty February.

These wines have been picked by customers of the Somerset Wine Fair. Out of over 100 wines and 200 people tasting these were the top sellers and perfect for winter sipping by a fire.


Fantastic fizzes

  • Modella Prosecco, Italy £9.99: Grapes are picked early morning to ensure a fresh crisp delicate Prosecco. Delicious apples, citrus fruit with beautiful soft bubbles. Ideal for lunches and when girlfriends come over for a chat.
  • Blanquette de Limoux 'Le Moulin' France £13.99: Superb wine from the Languedoc region, made in the traditional method. Fine delicate bubbles with rich apples, honey and really bright crisp acidity. Exceptionally good and great alternative to Champagne. If you want to jazz it up even further, add a little cassis for Kir Royale and pretend you are adding vitamin C!


Luscious Whites

  • Sinfonia Verdejo, Spain £7.99: Bright aromatics of lime juice and white flowers with zesty acidity. Characterful and refreshing this is a lovely wine to share with friends and accompany fish dishes.
  • Pasqua Passimento Blanc, Italy £10.99: The white grape gargaenga are left to dry to concentrate sugars and aromas. Intense citrus fruit, peaches and a touch of almonds. Looking for a white wine with no oak then this is the one!


Scrumptious Reds

  • Manzanos Rioja, Spain £7.99: Aged in American and French oak to impart those lovely toasty vanilla and spice notes. Intense cherry fruit ripe red and black fruits with a touch of chocolate. Perfect with friends and tapas.
  • Amares Cabernet Sauvignon, South Africa £15.99: Amares meaning love in Latin, and you may just fall in love with this wine. A total of eight barrels made, handcrafted wines giving juicy blackberries with a hint of mint and vanilla. This is perfect with a succulent beef dish.


One last word. If you have abstained for a month please do not ‘celebrate’ with several glasses. Tolerance to alcohol drops dramatically and your liver will be used to processing water and tea rather than booze. So if you want to wake up with a fresh mind and body give it a break not a battering.



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