Cocktail of the week – Slim Santa

This week we bring you a superb skinny cocktail from uk.thebar.com

This recipe for a Slim Santa is featured as part of Schweppes 12 Twists of Christmas series. Although we couldn’t see exactly how many calories are in it, each glass contains just under 1 unit of alcohol, so you can sip away in the knowledge that you will be keeping both the calories and alcohol units to a ‘reasonable’ minimum.

To make 1 glass you will need:

25ml. Smirnoff No. 21® Vodka

140ml. Schweppes Slimline Lemonade

35ml. Pomegranate Juice

6piece(s) Pomegranate Seeds

Ice cubes


Start off by filling a red Burgundy wine glass with ice cubes. Then scatter over 6 pomegranate seeds and add 35ml pomegranate juice. Add 25ml Smirnoff No.21 Vodka and top up with 140ml Schweppes Slimline Lemonade, or enough to fill the glass.

To further enhance the drink try adding a sprig of rosemary!


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