Cocktail of the week - Pineapple Martini

Every Sassista needs a sassy moment each week, and what better way than to sit back, throw off your shoes and sip on a well-deserved cocktail. We found this one in Shape Magazine in their twelve Cocktails of Christmas series.  

You will need:

2 parts good vodka (the punch factor)

½ part raspberry liqueur (the sweet factor)

1 part pineapple juice (the healthy vitamin C stop the guilt factor!)

Put all ingredients into a mixer with ice, If you do not have a glitzy cocktail shaker, use a clean jam jar. Shake above your head to give your pecs a pre-sip workout. Pour into a beautiful martini glass. If you do not possess one – make this a priority gift for Christmas or just treat yourself. Using the old tumbler will simply not do!

If you have a small fruit, pop it on the glass (optional – only buy expensive fruit if you are making a batch of cocktails for a Sassista party).

Now find a quiet space, shut the door, throw off your shoes, sit back, relax, sip and sigh!

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