Hot Women Rock

Review of Pat Duckworth’s book on how to find your midlife mojo.

There are more women over 50 in the workplace than ever before. Today, 64% of us are salaried compared to only 42% of us in 1985. But are we enjoying it? It seems not. A survey by the Health and Safety Executive found that women aged 45-54 reported higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than any other age group. Now, there may be a number of non-work reasons including life and physical changes, responsibilities for caring, kids leaving home. But for all too many of us, we are just sick of our jobs. When did you last …

  • Wake up and look forward to going to work?

  • Look at your to-do list and think most of this is easy?

  • Go home feeling you have done something useful?

  • Dream about how far your job could go?

If you are saying a resounding, or even a resigned, ‘No’, then Pat Duckworth’s story may feel like a fairy tale. By the age of 50, she had achieved all her aspirations – professionally trained, a Deputy Director in the Civil Service, and MBA. Most of us would look at her life and think it sparkled with success. In reality, she was tired, bored, stressed and then found herself crying in a park out of pure misery. Five years later she is a recognised expert in the menopause, has a thriving practice in menopause management, has written award-winning books on her subject and travels the world on speaking platforms.

If you are reading this and saying ‘That happens to other women’, Pat has a message for you: Hot Women Rock and it is time to discover your midlife entrepreneurial mojo. Life is too short to hate every day of it and, with more of us needing to work well into our sixties, then you might as well find it meaningful and fulfilling.

Pat’s book, Hot Women Rock is not a classic business book helping you set out business plans and finance. Instead, it goes to the deeper levels and takes you through a journey to supercharge your mojo and find the strength to make a change. With positive change comes success, enjoyment and the wonderful feeling of going to work with a smile.

Pat combines the work of Robert Dilts, her training in neurolinguistic programming and her own experience to take you through the neurological levels which need to be congruent in order for you to flow towards success. Each chapter addresses a level, starting from your very core – your spiritual purpose – and working through to the external environment in which you are going to succeed.

The levels Pat will take you through are:

Purpose: Why are you on this earth? What is your core purpose? Is it to care, inform, educate, serve? Most of us find that making money is not our core purpose. But wealth often flows from finding our purpose.

Identity: Who are you really? What are your self-statements? Work in synergy with these and success is easier to achieve.

Motivation: What are your inner values? What is important? Work to these and work doesn’t feel like work.

Beliefs: What do you say about yourself? Change these to positive and you are releasing a powerful inner enabler.

Capabilities: What are the life skills, learning and wisdom you bring to work? What can you transfer? What do you need to learn? Audit these and you have a strong base to build upon.

Behaviours: Now is the time to start your plan. What will you do to take action?

Environment: What and who do you need to support you? What network do you need to build? Which wise heads can help you along the way?

If you are thinking this is easy. Think again. Every chapter has exercises which push you to delve deep and really think about yourself and what you can bring to the world. Many of us have spent 30 plus working years, not even querying why or how we managed to get where we are.

But if you look at life and dread the next ten years of work, then now is the time to sit back and wonder, then to dream and then to get going. Because, as the second half of Pat’s book shows us, through the myriad of real stories, you can live that dream.

Hot Women Rock: How to Discover your Midlife Entrepreneurial Mojo is available through Amazon. Here’s the link:  https://www.amazon.com/Hot-Women-Rock-discover-entrepreneurial-ebook/dp/B01JEV9T6Q

Reviewed by GJ Williams


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