Are you inspired to do or try something different? We all need inspiration and it comes in many forms. It might be something someone says which makes you think, a book we read, a conference we go to or a just a delicious treat. This section is about the things which makes life interesting and fun.


Turmeric health

Turmeric Shots

Bright yellow shots of goodness, these turmeric shots are said to:

Sassy Sloe Gin

There is nothing more perfect on a winter night than curling up in front of a fire with a ruby red, fruity, warming, comforting sloe gin. It is even better when you have made it yourself.

Cocktail of the week - Elderflower G & T

Looking out at the British weather it may be hard to believe that, meteorologically, today is the first day of spring. Yes, Christmas is long gone, the nights are drawing out, and the weather should start to get warmer (hopefully).

So let’s raise a glass to our changing seasons, wave goodbye to winter and get into the spring spirit by celebrating with a delicious spring-fresh cocktail.

Winter Wines

Christmas is over; New Year hangovers dismissed; post binge guilt assuaged by a January detox and some will not have had a drop of liquor since the early hours of January 1st.

So if you are awaiting the first day of February with baited breath, then why don’t you plan to break the restraint with style. We have asked Kelli Coxhead of the Winscombe Wine Shop to pick out a selection of gorgeous winter wines to bring some cheer to frosty February.

Microbiome Bread

This has to be the best recipe for balancing your microbiome without depriving yourself of bread. Wheat and yeast free while packed with nutrients, it is gentle, digestible but scours all that junk out of a post-Christmas gut. The oats as they are not boiled are a gentle yet efficient gut cleaner, natural yoghurt gives good bacteria and is soothing, flax gives omegas and seeds add in multiple nutrients, soda ensures you avoid yeasts and also neutralises acidity.

Getting in on the gin – five gins for Christmas

Sassistas who like a tipple cannot have missed the fact that gin is on the rise. No longer in the realm of mother’s ruin and the evil of gin lane, this historic drink is becoming increasingly popular and the must have drink. Not only are there hundreds, yes hundreds, of different gins, each with their own distinct subtle botanical flavours, but gin has gone beyond the simple spirit to mix with tonic. Gin is an essential ingredient for cocktails, fruit liqueurs and even unmixed digestives.

Cocktail of the week - Pineapple Martini

Every Sassista needs a sassy moment each week, and what better way than to sit back, throw off your shoes and sip on a well-deserved cocktail. We found this one in Shape Magazine in their twelve Cocktails of Christmas series.  

Cocktail of the week – Slim Santa

This week we bring you a superb skinny cocktail from uk.thebar.com

This recipe for a Slim Santa is featured as part of Schweppes 12 Twists of Christmas series. Although we couldn’t see exactly how many calories are in it, each glass contains just under 1 unit of alcohol, so you can sip away in the knowledge that you will be keeping both the calories and alcohol units to a ‘reasonable’ minimum.

The Twelfth Angel by Og Mandino

Book review

What a wonderfully uplifting book.

This book, originally published in 1993, tells the story of John Harding, a successful businessman with a gorgeous and happy family, who returns to live in his hometown of Boland, New Hampshire. However, tragedy strikes when his wife and son are killed in a tragic car accident and John’s perfect life is shattered. He becomes suicidal, but just when he is about to end it all an old school friend turns up to offer some kind words and ask a favour.

Hot Women Rock

Review of Pat Duckworth’s book on how to find your midlife mojo.

There are more women over 50 in the workplace than ever before. Today, 64% of us are salaried compared to only 42% of us in 1985. But are we enjoying it? It seems not. A survey by the Health and Safety Executive found that women aged 45-54 reported higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than any other age group. Now, there may be a number of non-work reasons including life and physical changes, responsibilities for caring, kids leaving home. But for all too many of us, we are just sick of our jobs. When did you last …

Top Five Autumn Wines

A change of a season always seems to evoke a change of drinking habits, from fresh whites and rosés, not forgetting a cheeky glass of Prosecco, to warm reds and richer white wines.

The top 5 white wines for Sassy sipping this summer

There is nothing nicer than a balmy summer night refreshed with a crisp white wine. Even better than a good time, there is evidence that wine in moderation*:

The Staying Sassy Great Green Smoothie

The best way to make your smoothie is in a Nutribullet or a very good blender. It needs to be strong enough to whip everything into one smooth green drink.

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