Resolutions for a Sassy Summer

New Year’s resolutions are standard practice. But do they work? For most of us - no – and there are good reasons why…

  1. Most resolutions are about stopping something such as smoking, drinking, eating chocolate. So you are starting a year with a punishment. It is no surprise that most resolutions fail within a month.

  2. Too many resolutions are based on what we should do not do rather then what we want to do, so they feel like a chore.

  3. If they were easy and fun to do - you would have done them last year!

All in all an exercise in negativity. So change it around and make a sassy wish list and keep to the principles of positive psychology:

  • Start your resolutions when you are feeling good – for many of us, this is when the sun arrives

  • Limit the number of your wishes. Better to list five things you know you can achieve than 20 you just might not fit in

  • Make them things which are specific and which you will know when you have achieved them

  • Make them for you. This is not being selfish. You can do things for others too, but a personal wish list is more powerful

  • Take a chance. Try something which will stretch you and make you more confident by September

  • Ensure your wishes are positive all round. Wishes which hurt others get blocked.

  • Make them meaningful and positive – something which will feel good and make you feel like a successful Sassista. Here are a few simple ideas:

Reconnect with an old friend

Choose three interesting places to visit

Do something different once a week

Grow a plant

Eat outside so you get nutrition inside and out (Vitamin D)

Start or restart a hobby

Do one thing for your Sassy Self every month

Start a Sassy fund – it only takes a little money box

Buy a pair of very insensible shoes

Find something to smile at every day – it makes you look younger!

Get the golden four hours of sleep (10.00 pm to 2.00 am) three times a week

Start your own blog and link to us

Remember it is your life, your choice. Only you can make your resolutions and then only you can turn them from wishes to reality. Whatever you do, do something!


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