Top Tips for Making New Year Resolutions Stick

Here we are again. It’s a New Year, the tabloids are packed with predictions for the year – and all of them gloomy. Just a peak into the ‘weird’ sections tells us that Planet X is going to destroy the Earth, a tsunami will wipe out New York, more earthquakes are on the way, Italy will destabilise and cause another EU crisis – oh, and the whole of the USA will become ungovernable under President Trump while Nostradamus predictions for 2017 are reported as chilling – including the dead rising from graves!

Add to that the annual habit of setting up a list of ‘resolutions’ and it is little wonder that January is the peak month for depression. There are very good reasons why New Year resolutions rarely last more than a month:

  1. They usually mean some kind of abstinence – giving up something you evidently like such as wine or chocolate

  2. They are rarely SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound)

  3. They are started at a time of year when your body needs nurturing and care not deprivation or change which is not easy

So the Sassy approach to resolution success is to turn the usual process on its head. Stop the punishment and start the positive.

Step one: Limit your goals – two or three manageable goals are more likely to be achieved than a long list of ten. Think of one or two goals you really want to achieve, which will motivate you and which you know you can do.

Step two: Be good to yourself - make one goal all about making yourself strong enough to achieve your goals. A good start would be out Microbiome reset plan. You can find this in the Diet and Nutrition section. Not only will it make you stronger but it will clear your head to focus on success.

Step three: Shorten your goals – set a deadline two months from now. If your ultimate goal is not achievable in that time then create a mini-goal which moves your forward in the right direction. Think about what you can achieve by the time the spring flowers are pushing through the ground.

Step four: Start soon – thinking about a goal only makes it fade. Taking that first step is what you need to do.

Step five: Reward yourself – tough goals are so much better if you set yourself a reward system. Human beings are simple in many ways and the thought of a treat will make us do so much more.


Long goal – I will be fit and 10 pounds lighter by the end of the year.

Good to self – I will follow the Microbiome reset plan and then keep processed food and sugar out of my diet.

Short goal – I will power-walk four times a week, starting with 15 minute sessions and working up to 45 minutes sessions by the end of February.

Start – I will start tomorrow by doing the preparation for microbiome reset and doing a 15 minute power walk.

Reward – I will buy myself a beauty treat every week I achieve my power walks and avoid processed foods and sugar.

Doing this – losing weight almost sounds like fun. Most important, it is easy. Simple goals are the route to Sassy Success – so go easy on yourself and in the words of Elizabeth Farrell – Step ahead and go Constant!

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