I am many things – a doctor of psychology, occupational psychologist, trained coach, consultant, mediator, NLP practitioner, development consultant, a writer, a partner, step-mother by deed rather than marriage documents, small-time property developer, sailor and boat lover. I try to be sassy, clever and funny but often end up grumpy and snarly when I see women held back – either by themselves or by ‘experts’. I am 54. I would like to be a size 12 and I dye my hair. I also try to be a friend, a thinker, an advisor. My best days are when someone says I have made a difference to their confidence or their career and helped them make a positive shift in their mind, body or soul. But truth to tell, I am just like you – a woman who fights to keep her Sassy side live.

This blog will not tell you my daily coming and going (far too dull) or the clothes that I wear (far too conservative until I retire). It will be a weekly observation on what has made my Sassy side scream, cheer, laugh, think or shout.


toxic friendsc

Toxic friends – how do you spot them? And top tips for escaping them

We are all enthralled with the news of Theresa May being attacked, even threatened by fellow MPs who are strong of words and weak of backbone – preferring to stay anonymous while sending out aggressive threats such as requesting she brings ‘her own noose to backbencher meetings’.

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Loneliness cropped 2

Attached and lonely – tips for women in relationships but lonely

This week, the BBC is revealing the results of their survey and research into loneliness.

Helped by people such as Professor Pamela Qualter

The BBC surveyed over 55,000 people and shone a light on a rarely discussed subject. Just some of the worrying results are:

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woman walking on beachc

It’s been a funny old summer

It was my birthday yesterday. At exactly 2.30 in the afternoon, I had been on this planet 56 years. I don’t feel it. Part of me is still ten years old (even younger when in a bad mood) and I still want to dance and sashay like my 25 year old self. But reality is that, unless I outlive my amazing Aunt Maudie who left this mortal coil aged 111, I am way past the half-way mark.

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Trump Baby Balloon

The Trump Blimp – did it do us proud?

Well what a week it has been. I have been basking in the sun of Marbella attending the wedding of a truly exceptional young couple who give you faith in the future. (More of Marbs and beach-wear blindness next week). But our escapism was occasionally punctured by news pictures from London, blimps, marches, shouting, helicopters and a rather rigid looking Theresa May at a joint press conference, looking sideways with that ‘don’t say another word, boy!’ look on her face. Why?

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woman workplace bullying

Top tips for dealing with a workplace bully

After 25 years in consulting it takes a lot to shock me. But when one of our Sassista team arrived in the office at the end of a day’s work, sobbing and shaking we knew there was something bad going down.

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The Courage to Change Life

We all face tough times. We all face change. We all have challenges. We all have to step out of our comfort zone at least a few times. Much of my work as a business psychologist is about building confidence. We build up skills but first we focus on giving our clients the confidence to do something different whether it is selling, managing their own clients, giving feedback, negotiating their own fees.

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