Top tips for trimming those thighs in ten days

There is no escaping the fact that thighs after fifty are rarely the slim, trim pins they used to be. The author’s ‘face up to it’ session in front of the mirror revealed a depressing vista of skin akin to batter mix, above knee creasing, saddle bags which would fill jodhpurs and inner thighs reminiscent of lava flow. It seemed a hopeless battle, but could she make a difference in ten days?

The regime

There was no time to go to a daily gym session, so it had to be trim-down on the job. No more than 15 minutes a day focused exercise and anything else which could be incorporated. So with the advice of a trainer, the daily routine was set as:

  • Body brushing – five minutes of firm strokes towards the heart

  • Pilates ring – lying on your side, put the ring between your legs and squeeze together, making sure to engage your core muscles at the same time

  • Squats – feet shoulders apart, back straight, drop your bottom as if you are going to sit down until your thighs are level with the floor

  • Lunges – take a large step forward, drop your other knee to the floor, push back up.



 In addition, keep those legs going all day by:

  • Walking as much as possible – aim for 10,000 steps

  • Using stairs not elevators

  • Getting off the train or bus a stop early and walking

  • Getting up and moving every 15 minutes

  • Standing on the train not sitting

  • Stretching


And then…

  • Drink eight glasses of water

  • Reduce sugar, salt and no alcohol – they all feed cellulite

Days one to three: Aim at fifty reps of each exercise and expect some muscle pain. Ensure you stretch it out.

Days four to six: Up your reps to 75.

Days six to ten: Up your reps to 100, increase your stretching to twice a day.




As predicted, my cynicism was proven wrong. Both thighs have reduced by 6cm.

There is a way to go, but skin is smoother, creases reduced and the lava flow is receding. Another month and I will have lean limbs not lumpy legs.

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