Menopause madness – the Menopause Magnet

Can a little magnet really stop the hot flushes and hot flashes?

As promised, we are looking at all manner of menopause solutions. This month we have tried the menopause magnet, a small device that attaches discreetly to your underwear.

It is marketed as ‘LadyCare’, and is promoted as a natural, drug free alternative to HRT. Potential benefits include reduced hot flushes, weight reduction, improved mood, more energy, better skin tone and improved sleep.

Well, our triallist did agree that once in your knickers the magnet is both invisible (read further!) and comfortable. It is easy to keep clean and stays in place. BUT…beware the consequences of having a magnet in your pants!

  • It is not Sassy to find yourself surgically attached to your shopping trolley!

  • If your man wears jeans and gives you a hug, you will clang onto his flies

  • It is not easy to explain to the nice young man in the supermarket, why, when asking for directions to the pomegranate juice, your skirt takes on a life of its own and attaches to your basket. He gets nervous.

  • Do not lean over metal shelves. You get stuck

  • It makes your mobile go funny

  • If you are in a hotel and put your key-card in your lap you get locked out of your room – and how do you explain on the fifth recoding of your key that your knickers are doing it?

  • Do not enter very modern toilets with metal wash-bowls. The other women think you are a cross-dresser invading their space

  • Do not wear it to your smear appointment. The nurse cannot stop laughing.

But did it work?

It is hard to tell. The stress of avoiding anything metallic and walking like a zombie through the supermarket created considerable stress which is not good for hot flushes and flashes. We have to say the night sweats remained even with the trusty magnet strategically placed in pyjamas.  However, they say laughing with your friends is good for depression, grumpiness, lethargy and high blood pressure. So just for that we give the menopause magnet a rating of 5/10.

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