Cool nights – A guided visualisation treatment for managing night-sweats

Many peri-menopausal and menopausal women report that night sweats are more debilitating than hot flushes as they are not only uncomfortable, but disrupt the sleep we so need to manage the rest of our hormonal systems.

Author and Menopause expert, Pat Duckworth, has proven that a shift in thinking can have a huge impact on the management of menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, hot flashes and night sweats.

So next time you wake in the night, feeling like a bonfire has been lit in your head, try thinking yourself cool with this 6 step meditation.

  • Lie back with a light cover to ensure you do not get cold. Get comfortable and close your eyes.

  • Steady your breathing by inhaling slowly through your nose, holding the breath for 5 seconds and then exhaling slowly. Focus on that breath. After five breaths slow it further by breathing in for a count of 7, holding it for 5 and then breathing out for 7.

  • With your breathing calmed, move to making that breath cool you from the inside. Imagine that every breath is cold air. Feel it go deep, deep into your body bringing cool, fresh air into your very core. Feel the breathe cooling your body every time you breath in and taking out the heat every time you breath out. Keep doing this for another ten breaths or until you begin to feel the heat go down.

  • Now visualise a heat thermometer in front of you. At the top it is red and hot. At the bottom it is blue and cool. Put a black line across the thermometer to register your current temperature. As you continue to breath, watch the black line move down the scale. With every breath it will go down and down towards the cool blue. Watch it sink as you get in control of your body and manage the heat. Watch it go down, down, down into controlled coolness.

  • Now you are cool, in control. Remember it is your life, your body, your choice to be cool and in control.

  •  Sleep!

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