Five top tips for beating the bingo wings

So summer is here, the sun is out and sleeveless tops are beckoning from the back of the wardrobe. But what about the bingo wings, bat wings, floppy-tops, arm muffins – call them what you like – they are in the top five of women’s most disliked body parts. Newspapers comment on the well-toned pecs of Michelle Obama and Madonna. Why?

Because they are so unusual. The rest of us dread the cottage cheese goo which clings to our upper arms, turning the Sassiest of tops into a study of middle age.

So what can you do? Can you really make a difference in a few weeks and have Sassy arms?

Sassista One has been on a 20/20 pec regime. Only 20 minutes a day and a bit of concentration and you can make a difference in 20 days. You do not need a gym, a personal trainer or an expensive programme. You just need focus. Here is what works:

  • Back of arm toning exercise. Taken from the fitness rage of the 1980’s – Callanetics – this ten minute toner really works the back of the arms. Stand straight, core engaged, head up. Take your arms to the back and turn your hands to put your thumbs together, palms up. Lift them further and feel your arms separate. Now pulse them together to a count of 100. You will feel the pull at the back of your arms.

  • Full arm toning exercise. Sit on the stairs or use a low stool. Put your arms behind you, grip the stair/stool behind tightly and lift your body weight up and down. Do 100 and work up to 200 as you gain strength.

  • Shoulder lifts. Stand or sit, core engaged and a 2 lb/1 k weight in each hand (a bag of sugar will do). Put your arms to the side and lift to shoulder height.

  • Body-brush. That cellulite needs a good pummelling and encouragement for your lymphatic system to flush it away. Get a good body brush (e.g. Body Shop, Round Body Brush) and brush from wrist to shoulder every morning and night.  Some people claim that a body-toning cream will enhance the effects. Try bespoke arm firming products such as Soap & Glory’s The Firminator - Targeted Arm Firming & Toning Formula, Regener8 Under Arm Toning Cream, Nip+Fab Upper Arm Fix,or, for use all over the body, Clarins Toning Body Balm.

  •  Detox. Take out all sugar (check those labels), processed carbs, and industrial oils. Imagine every bite you take zooming through your body to your arms. Replace with fish, lean meat, complex carbs, veg and more veg. Some say kelp is great for cellulite reduction. Then add in Liquids. Your body needs to eliminate the toxinscreated by burning fat. Nothing will shift without water to flush it. Drink 2 litres a day of water, green tea, fruit tea.

The result after 20 days?

  • 2 cm or 1 inch off each arm

  • Noticeably firmer upper arms

  • Less puckering of the skin – the cottage cheese is disappearing

  • Not expected – but a benefit – better able to lift the shopping bags!

Well, I am not quite in Madonna’s league and I cannot say I have defined pecs. But I do have the confidence to go out and bare my pecs, get some vitamin D and not worry about the wobble.


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