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Finding your perfect diet

Number One: Slimming World

In simple terms, Slimming World reduces calories by swapping high fat, high calorie foods for low fat, high filling foods.

The system is simple – no calorie counting, food weighing, special cooking. You simply select from three simple lists:

  • Free foods which are unlimited. These are lean proteins, vegetables, grains, rice, fruits and peas and beans. Many of these are deemed ‘speed foods’ and are particularly good for weight loss.
  • Healthy extras which are limited. These are carbs and dairy.
  • Syns which are counted and limited to between 5 and 15 a day. These are sugars, alcohol, high fat and processed foods. This does not mean you can have 15 of these foods a day. One chocolate cupcake is 14 syns! A glass of wine is 7 syns.

The system is called food optimising. Effectively, you can eat to your hearts content on free food – though portion control is only sensible.

There are options for following the system:

  1. Join a local group. This is good for people who want the pressure of being weighed and the support of other dieters
  2. Join the website. This is the best option for people who are pretty self-disciplined and are not able to attend a weekly meeting.

The support system in impressive. The website offers diet planning tools, activity tracking, delicious mouth-watering recipes, advice, articles, features, success stories to inspire, food journaling to map your journey and a chat function if you need a boost.

And it doesn’t stop there. Body Magic, Slimming World’s unique activity programme, encourages you to take small steps towards a more active lifestyle. We Sassistas are now the fittest that we have ever been through a combination of walking, running, exercise classes and going to the gym. We started off exercising a couple of times a week and have increased our activity as our weights have decreased and fitness levels have improved.

In essence, follow the system and you can only lose weight. The Sassy Sassista office has a combined weight loss of over 3.5 stone so far and still going down. We are not hungry. We are not craving sugar. We eat lovely food.

The only downside we can see if that without thinking calories it is hard to guestimate the number of syns in food unless you are able to check them. So you can find that a healthy looking chicken salad on the high street is actually 12 syns. However, if you stick to known free foods in choosing when out eating, then it is still very hard to go wrong on this diet.

For more information visit the Slimming World website.


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