Staying Sassy experiment: Can you fight the belly flubber in 10 days?

The answer is: You can make a good start

Having completed the ten day tummy tuck and reduced her tum by 9 cms, this Sassista was ready to take on the big squeeze – the roll of determined flubber which had clung 

to her belly for a good five years. It is like a personal duvet without the joy of throwing it off in the morning.

It seems to have a mind of its own. It tricks you in the morning by looking a little less than yesterday and by 11.00 am it is creeping out over the waist of your pants. It is the bit of you which makes people on the tube go to offer you the pregnant woman seat until they look up and realise that pregnancy could only be a miracle of nature or very late IVF.

Belly flubber is the number one on my hate list – it makes me feel old, fat and frumpy. I want a flat tummy. The cynical say impossible. The annoying (and usually thin) tell me that as long as I am healthy it is all OK. No its not. So can I fight the flubber in ten days?

The approach

  • Keep up with the exercise wheel reps – now up to 75 dips, three times a day (see Can I tummy tuck in ten days?)

  • Keep off the belly boosting foods. Hayley Pedrick, the wonderful nutritionist (see her blogs for more advice link), tells me that abdominal fat is boosted by peaks in your insulin release. So I will avoid those food which drive up the sugar, create an insulin peak and so tell my brain to store fat. So I will be taking out all sugar, alcohol, caffeine, processed carbs and milk.

  • Sleep. Research has shown that abdominal fat cells are particularly sensitive to cortisol, our stress hormone. Little or poor sleep means that you do not expel cortisol from your system and so you are telling your body to store. So lots of zzzzz’s for me.

  • Supplements. I am not a fan at all, but I will give it a go for ten days, as long as it is simple. A good vitamin B will help my immune system and help me fight stress which is known to pile on the pounds; vitamin C supports adrenals and magnesium to assist adrenals and sleep.

  • Hydrate. If you are low in water your metabolic rate is compromised. So 8 glasses a day.

How will I measure? I will use the trusty tape, but more important is the grab test. Every morning I will see how much flab I can grab in my hands. Nothing scientific – just good common sense. If there is less in your fingers there is less belly flubber.

Days one to three

Day one measurement: Belly measures 100 cms (just under 39 ½ inches) and I can grab two good handfuls of flab. Yew!

The diet takes some getting used to. Until you look at the labels you cannot realise just how much sugar, carbohydrates, fat and milk you consume. By the end of day two I resolved to go to the supermarket and but up only veg, fruit and lean meats. The only way to do this is total elimination by making your own meals. After that it gets easier. I keep up the 75 wheel reps per day.

Day three measurement: 98 cms. That’s nearly an inch!

Days four to seven

Ok the diet is dull and that evening glass of wine which stays in the fridge is pleading to be drunk. But fear of flubber prevails and I stay on the straight and narrow. Top tip: Food/wine cravings in early evening are best attacked by 6 almonds and a large glass of water.

Getting the sleep is the big challenge. The golden four hours (see our article on ‘Sleep your way Sassy’) seem to shrink to three every evening as getting washing, having a bath, watching the news headlines eat into that pre-bed hour. I have only managed to be in bed by 10.00 on two out of four nights.

Wheel reps – so bored with this now.

Day seven measurement: 96 cms and the handfuls are diminished. Spurred on by success.

Days seven to ten

The last blitz begins. Diet dull but durable. I did weaken and have a glass of red on Friday – woke Saturday feeling like I had slept on a park bench!

Sleep – it needs discipline. Stop watching the 10 o’clock news. It will be the same at 07.00 in the morning.

Wheels – groan, but increasing to 100 a session

Day ten measurement:  93 cm and handfuls of fat reduced to one. Success and, even better, the rest of my body is smaller too. They say belly fat is the last to shift. Maybe so, but if you can fight 7 cm of flubber in less than a fortnight, then what would three months do?

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