The Staying Sassy Christmas reset diet

How to drop the Christmas bloat quickly

OK so despite the good intentions you have indulged in high carb snacks, roast potatoes, bread sauce, a ton of chocolate and a few kilos of cake and pies – all washed down with a good measure of booze. It is not so unusual for people to gain a few pounds in the three days of Christmas but if you are waking up with a bulging tummy and a definite feeling of lethargy then it might be a good time to reset your body before the next onslaught of parties over New Year.

It will only take two days and will have you feeling not only slimmer but also brighter by the time you are ready to don that little black dress and sing Auld Langsyne.

First, make your reset soup. Make good use of that turkey carcass and make up a rich bone broth but simmering the bones in a large pan with a sliced onion, a sliced leek, two chopped carrots and a few sage leaves. Simmer for a good 45 minutes until all the bones are clean and then strain through a fine mesh sieve. Finely slice another three onions, three leeks, two sweetheart cabbages. Grate four carrots. Put all the veg into your broth and add water plus a spoon of high quality bouillon powder so that the veg is covered. Bring to the boil and simmer until the veg is cooked but not very soft. Ad in a large bag of spinach leaves and any cooked veg you have left from Christmas (not the roasts!). Finally, add in 2 cups of finely chopped white turkey meat and season with black pepper. No need to blend. You should have a large pan of reset soup. This will be the wonder food which soothes your gut and helps you clean out the junk. If you are vegetarian make up the soup with a good bouillon powder and omit the meat. Keep your soup in the fridge and take out sufficient for each meal as you need it. Each time, heat your reset soup to boiling point.

Second - switch your brain. Tell yourself that the next two days are going to be about resetting. All sugars, booze and naughty nibbles are off limits for 48 hours.

Third – begin your regime.

Day one

Start the day with a pint of water flavoured with sliced lemon and lime. Add a few drops of Milk Thistle to help your liver with the detoxing. If you can take warm water this is better for your stomach.

Before your morning shower body-brush making sure you brush towards your heart and paying attention to your lymph areas – ankles, top of legs, stomach, top of arms. After the shower, find a quiet spot and indulge in a 15 minute session of mindfulness.

Breakfast is a smoothie of almond milk, water, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of ginger root, a handful of green veg such as spinach or kale (or a spoon of green veg powder), a dessert spoon of flax seeds. Blitz and sip slowly. Have a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. If possible, double up on the vitamin C.

Mid-morning – have a snack of a few walnuts (about 6 halves)

Lunch – Heat up a large bowl of your reset soup and eat mindfully.

Mid-afternoon – half an avocado with black pepper.

Evening meal – another large bowl of reset soup eaten mindfully.

Throughout the day, keep drinking water – at least 2 litres, preferably filtered. Also, green tea but not after 18.00. Any time you are feeling hungry, heat up a small bowl of reset soup in a small saucepan.

Before bed, relax with a detox bath. Add a cup of magnesium flakes to a bath of warm water. Perfume with five drops of lavender oil. Slip into the water and try another 15 minutes of mindfulness. Use a good night cream on your face, but leave your body lotion free so that the magnesium can do its detox magic unhindered. Try to be in bed by 10.00 at the latest. Take all electronic gadgets out of the bedroom and power-off the mobile. Sleep tight.

Day two

Start with your lemon and lime water with Milk Thistle. Then before breakfast, wrap up warm and go for a brisk walk for about 30 minutes. When you get back into the warm, ensure you do 10 minutes of stretching.

Body brush, shower and mindfulness before breakfast.

Breakfast is a smoothie as day one, but replace the green veg with a handful of berries (most food supermarkets do frozen mixed berries which is perfect for this). Take supplements as day one.

Mid-morning – eat the other half of your avocado.

Lunch – large bowl of reset soup.

Mid-afternoon – A few carrot sticks, celery sticks and 2 dessert spoons of humus.

Dinner – large bowl of reset soup eaten mindfully.

Just as on day one, you should drink 2 litres of filtered water and green tea. 

Before bed indulge in a pamper session. Run a warm bath and perfume with essential oils – try rose or incense for skin. Use a good facial scrub and apply a perfume-free face-pack. When in the bath, exfoliate either with salt (don’t rub too hard and shower down after getting out of the bath) or a loofah. Rehydrate your skin with a good night cream and a body lotion which is free of chemical perfumes and parabens. Then fix your nails before getting into bed by 10.00. Again, have the bedroom electric and mobile free.

Day three

You should wake up feeling great both in mind and body. Start the day with exercise again and avoid launching into a pile of foods which are going to make you feel awful by lunch time. Starting the same as your reset days, finishing any remaining reset soup as snacks, a lunch of light carbs and a healthy dinner of fish and vegetables with one glass of wine is a good way to ease your way back to partying.


 Happy resetting and have a great New Year’s Eve.

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