Avoiding the Christmas Flubber Attack

Top tips for avoiding weight gain over Christmas

It’s about the start – the big Christmas food frenzy. Shopping carts groaning with calories will be wheeled out of every supermarket; indulgent liqueurs, wines, champagne and creamy after-dinner temptations; every type of candy from the must-have Quality Street to Cherry liqueurs will be hidden in cupboards away from prying man-eyes.


Add to these the pounds of protein in turkey, beef, ham, pate and cheese.

Never forget the Christmas carbs – party foods, stuffing, crisps, bread, roast potatoes and puddings. No doubt you have found a corner for a few tangerines (Vit C) and walnuts (Magnesium and Vit E for sleep and skin), but those are not going to fend off the threatened onslaught.

Many people gain 4 to 8 pounds over Christmas and then feel miserable in the darkest month as they battle to beat the bloat while cupboards are still full of fare. So what can you do to minimise the gain?


  • Drink a pint of water before you touch the alcohol

  • Give the creamy drinks away as presents. They are just a mass of sugar and fat in combination with alcohol. There is only one place to go – in your stomach and then on your stomach!

  • Get yourself a few bottle of soda water. If you have a spirit and mixer, make the mixer 75% soda water. It will cut the sugars from 6 spoons to 1 and you still get the taste

  • Make mulled wine with a sugar alternative such as Stevia

  • Water down your wine by 50% to avoid calories and being the leery drunk on the sofa

  • Stick to Champagne (not so very difficult) as it leads to less of an insulin peak


  • Go carb free for three days before Christmas

  • At parties, have only two hors d’oeuvres and stick to the proteins – cheese on a stick may be very 1970s but it is your best bet!

  • Eat crisps only on Christmas day or Boxing/St Stephen’s Day

  • Forgive yourself for Christmas dinner – but tell yourself that one stuffing ball, two roasties, and a small spoon of pudding is enough. Have cream instead of custard

  • Mince pies and other cakes – just have one and walk away!

  • Sweets – have a satsuma/clementine first. It just might curb that sugar craving


  • Again – give those fat-laden drinks away!

  • Make sure you have good fats in the fridge – avocado, olive oil, coconut and use these instead of mayo

  • Just don’t fry – bake and broil

  • Body-swerve those gorgeous party foods!

  • Reach for the satsumas when you feel peckish – the citrus will stop fat-cravings


There is plenty you can eat over Christmas. Turkey, chicken, ham and smoked salmon are all good proteins. Dark greens – broccoli, sprouts and green beans are great for skin and weight control. Fruit give VIT C and water. If you major on these and make the rest an exception, you will breeze through Christmas and not face the post-binge bloat and guilt. But if you fail, next week we will be posting a two-day re-set programme to break the spiral between Christmas and New Year.

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