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Do you want the body of a 30 year old with the wisdom of being over 45? After 45 our bodies change. But is weight gain, ageing and lack of energy inevitable? Absolutely not! This is about taking control of your body and making it work for the life you want.


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Finding your perfect diet

Number One: Slimming World

In simple terms, Slimming World reduces calories by swapping high fat, high calorie foods for low fat, high filling foods.

The system is simple – no calorie counting, food weighing, special cooking. You simply select from three simple lists:


Top Tips for Reducing Alcohol

Every so often, data emerges on the worrying level of alcohol consumed by women. It would appear that our children are not hitting the bottle. Their mothers are far more likely to exceed the 14 units the government recommends as an upper limit. And many are exceeding it by miles.

Quick relaxation

Top Tips for Rapid Relaxation

Do you remember when you were a kid? How dad used to come in from work, sit in front of the six o’clock news and then you all had tea together. Do you remember nights in front of the TV? Do you remember the days when people worked nine to five-thirty and saw evenings and weekends as time to relax.

Woman hiking

It’s spring! Top tips for putting it in your step

Four weeks ago, ‘he who is never obeyed’ reached his tolerance limit of my whingeing about weight. Being a woman over 50, I have lost the ability to abstain from ‘bad foods’, do a few trips to the gym and forsake a few glasses of wine knowing that I would drop a dress size in a month.

Body Balance

Finding your perfect exercise

Number three: Body-balance

If you love the thought of developing the flexibility of a child, while adding the toning of Pilates, along with the uplift of movement and soul-calming music – and then add a good dose of relaxation, then Body-balance just might be for you.

zumba class

Finding Your Perfect Exercise

Number Two: Zumba

Zumba is exercise and fun combined. A mixture of dance and aerobics set to fast paced music, often Latin-American.

Finding your perfect exercise

Number One: Spin Cycling

If you think this is going to be like a lovely bicycle ride around the park on a summer’s day – forget it.

Does your DNA affect the diet you need for weight loss?

The diet industry is worth over £2 billion a year in the UK alone. People out there are making millions while the western society is wobbling into an epidemic of obesity. New diet books come out every year, each one promising their formula to be the one and only route to a beautiful, slim body. So why are there so many diets and so many formulas?

Do you have metabolic syndrome? Because most people who do…don’t know.

Six steps to managing metabolic syndrome

Research suggests that 20-25% of adults worldwide have this cluster of risk factors and a whopping 35% of US adults. Undetected and un-managed it is a sure-track to diabetes, heart disease and other cardio-vascular illness.

So what is it?

Menopause Madness - Top Tips for Managing Free-floating Anxiety

The menopause brings on a raft of anxieties: Will I have a hot flush in this meeting? Will I get through the night without waking up ten times in a swelter of sweat? Will my stomach bloat if I eat a morsel? But what about free-floating anxiety – those nasty, troubling thoughts which get into your head and bring you down; which grow into a pseudo reality and sap your confidence? 

Getting the Microbiome Back on Track

Top tips for a New Year gut cleanse

So here we are – another year, another few pounds gained over Christmas, another wave of regret and guilt. We look down and see a tummy which covers our toes and groan. Let’s face it, we have done just about everything to disrupt our microbiome and put our guts into bloated distress:

Mind over Muscle

A female body-trainer’s words of wisdom on flat abs

By Tara Leyden

Over 80% of the people that come to me in the gym for advice want a flat tummy. Let’s point out first that we women tend to have a naturally slightly rounded tummy. This is because our muscles bend out to give space for a baby.

Menopause Madness - Libido: Top Tips for Getting the Spark Back into your Love-Life

Many women find the menopause has more than a physical effect. Pulled down by confidence, sapping weight gain, hot flushes and fatigue, the last thing they want is a hot and steamy session between the sheets. As one of our interviewees said, ‘All I want at night is an ice-pack – not a man!’

The Staying Sassy Christmas reset diet

How to drop the Christmas bloat quickly

OK so despite the good intentions you have indulged in high carb snacks, roast potatoes, bread sauce, a ton of chocolate and a few kilos of cake and pies – all washed down with a good measure of booze. It is not so unusual for people to gain a few pounds in the three days of Christmas but if you are waking up with a bulging tummy and a definite feeling of lethargy then it might be a good time to reset your body before the next onslaught of parties over New Year.

Avoiding the Christmas Flubber Attack

Top tips for avoiding weight gain over Christmas

It’s about the start – the big Christmas food frenzy. Shopping carts groaning with calories will be wheeled out of every supermarket; indulgent liqueurs, wines, champagne and creamy after-dinner temptations; every type of candy from the must-have Quality Street to Cherry liqueurs will be hidden in cupboards away from prying man-eyes.


The day after the night before

Top sassy tips for hangover cures

Well we really have to start with the obvious – don’t go there. As Sassy women, the hard reality is that being drunk at 20 is cute, at 30 it is about being a good laugh, at 40 it is looking a little jaded and at 50 it invites looks of sympathy mixed with embarrassment (for you!).

NPA Success for Tara

Would you like a body that is toned to perfection? Would you like to see muscle instead of bingo wings and thighs with not so much as an inch of cellulite? Do you believe it is impossible to have total tone after forty? If so, read about Tara and think again.

Menopause Madness - Top Tips for Dealing with Mood Swings

Have you had it yet? The red mist of a menopausal meltdown? One minute you are calm, polite, reasonable, even adorable. Then something happens. It doesn’t need to be a big thing.Maybe the cat throws up on the kitchen floor, your partner puts a red sock in the white wash, the kids are just a little loud, the washing up isn’t done or some idiot has raided the fridge and eaten the ingredients for your well-planned Friday supper.

Fitness trackers – friend or foe?

Whether it be Fitbit, Fitbug, Jawbone, Garmin, Samsung Gear or an app on your phone, the latest must have fitness technology is often the talk around the Sassy office! Wherever we go to business meetings those trackers are apparent on most of the wrists around the room – though recent reports indicate that many people stop using them after about 4 months.

Top tips for trimming those thighs in ten days

There is no escaping the fact that thighs after fifty are rarely the slim, trim pins they used to be. The author’s ‘face up to it’ session in front of the mirror revealed a depressing vista of skin akin to batter mix, above knee creasing, saddle bags which would fill jodhpurs and inner thighs reminiscent of lava flow. It seemed a hopeless battle, but could she make a difference in ten days?

Menopause Madness – vaginal dryness

Yes, we know. Nobody wants to talk about their erstwhile love tunnel turning into a sub-Saharan no-go area. But it happens to woman of all ages and for pre- and post-menopausal women it happens to more of us more often. A survey reported by NHS UK claims that 84% of menopausal women find sex painful and, of them, 70% say their relationship has deteriorated.

Menopause madness – the Menopause Magnet

Can a little magnet really stop the hot flushes and hot flashes?

As promised, we are looking at all manner of menopause solutions. This month we have tried the menopause magnet, a small device that attaches discreetly to your underwear.

Sleep your way Sassy

Are you getting enough sleep? Or do you…

  • Rely on an alarm clock to wake and then hit the snooze button several times?

  • Feel tired in the afternoon?

Top tips for keeping going with exercise and diet

Last month, our resident trainer, Tara Leyden, took us through changing your head in order to change your body. This month she tells us how to keep going!

Too many people exercise for two months and then give up. There are all manner of reasons – time, boredom, disappointing results and for some of us….just preferring to sit down.

Hyperventilation – are you breathing yourself into a panic?

Hyperventilation or hyperventilation syndrome is a common symptom of stress and it affects many thousands of people, though they often do not even know they have it. A consultant doctor recently told the Sassistas ‘Most of the stress symptoms I see are down to poor breathing.’

Cool nights – A guided visualisation treatment for managing night-sweats

Many peri-menopausal and menopausal women report that night sweats are more debilitating than hot flushes as they are not only uncomfortable, but disrupt the sleep we so need to manage the rest of our hormonal systems.

Menopause Madness – Night Sweats

7 top tips for managing hot flushes at night

There’s no putting a positive spin on menopausal night sweats. Waking up in the middle of the night, feeling like a furnace in a shower is not fun. Changing your PJ’s for the third time makes you grumpy. And how do you manage that ‘come hither big boy’ look while preparing your side of the bed with two sweat-soak towels?

Five top tips for beating the bingo wings

So summer is here, the sun is out and sleeveless tops are beckoning from the back of the wardrobe. But what about the bingo wings, bat wings, floppy-tops, arm muffins – call them what you like – they are in the top five of women’s most disliked body parts. Newspapers comment on the well-toned pecs of Michelle Obama and Madonna. Why?

Mind over Menopause

Guest blog by Pat Duckworth, Cognitive Hypnotherapist, award-winning author and international public speaker, expert on menopause management.

Menopause, for most women, is a natural phase of life that occurs as the level of your reproductive hormones decline in your forties and fifties. Of course it can occur earlier due to illness or medical treatment.

Gut busting – a nine-day gut-cleansing programme that works

Over the past few years nutritionists and doctors have started to highlight the importance of having a clean gut, which means a gut which is properly balanced in terms of bacteria and also able to both digest food and pull out nutrients efficiently.

Staying Sassy experiment: Can you fight the belly flubber in 10 days?

The answer is: You can make a good start

Having completed the ten day tummy tuck and reduced her tum by 9 cms, this Sassista was ready to take on the big squeeze – the roll of determined flubber which had clung 

Top tips for getting started with exercise

Our resident trainer, Tara Leyden, takes us through changing your head in order to change your body.

There are so many different reasons why people don't get started, and with all of them the underlying word is Fear. Fear of the diet, fear of the gym, fear of getting on the

Sugar – sweet and scrumptious or white poison?

What was the song? ‘A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down’. More recent evidence indicates that the white demon might just be more kill than cure. Or are we just reacting to another dietary fad in which one food source is blamed for all ills in the world?

Adrenal syndrome – is stress making you fat?

Adrenaline is good…it makes you get up and go, run when you are threatened, find that spurt when the pressure is on. It is a survival hormone and we all need it. But what happens when we live a life which

Menopause Madness – Hot flushes and flashes

Are you ashamed of being a menopausal women? Do you try to hide your symptoms like a dirty secret? Do you feel our declining oestrogen is ruling your life and your mind? If so, you are certainly not alone.

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