Fat freezing

A sassista’s experience of the latest inch loss treatment of fat freezing

Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, is one of the latest treatments for reducing fat in specific areas. It works by freezing fat cells to the point of shattering so that the body can digest them through white blood cells – or cryogenic lipolysis to be accurate.

The rigorous American Food and Drug Administration has passed it as safe and so clinics are popping up all over Britain, often using the Coolplas or Coolsculpt brand.

So what is it like? Does it work? Will it trim you to slim?

Sasissta Two has put her hands up to be the tester for this one and will take you through the process, session by session.

Session one

Enough was enough. I like my food too much and the diet was on go-slow, so I decided to try out one of the latest treatments for help in reducing those inches – fat freezing.

I was slightly nervous beforehand, not so much about any possible pain or discomfort, but more about the safety and potential risks of the procedure. Although rated as safe by the AFDA, there is a slight possibility of pain, nausea, bruising and numbness and more.  However, Kerri, the lovely therapist at Weston Beauty Clinic, was knowledgeable, has trialled the procedure herself, and was able to answer any questions I had, quickly putting me at ease. I relaxed even further when I realised there is no need to strip off!

I was offered the choice of having a 20 minute session at an 8 setting or 40 minutes at setting 4. With time being an issue as ever for me I opted for the 20 minute session.

I had chosen to have my tummy treated and asked, as I flopped my large, flabby belly out over the top of my unzipped jeans, if the fat freezing machine was big enough. Luckily the answer was yes, and I was by no means the biggest to lie on that couch. So the big fat freeze began.

Kerri started off by placing what looked like a very large, very wet, wet wipe on my tummy. I was told to brace myself as it was cold and a lot of people say that is the worst bit.

I started off at the 8 setting for a couple of minutes but it was a bit uncomfortable so I asked Kerri to reduce it to 6, which was fine - initially. Then, pain. I can honestly say for those few brief minutes it was worse than giving birth. But, just as I was about to scream for the setting to be reduced or even switched off, the pain went. In seconds, I was back up to setting 8 and relaxing for the rest of the twenty minute session in front of day-time TV.  

At the end of my session Kerri removed the machine and massaged my ice cold stomach. It felt like a block of butter which had been in the freezer. She explained that because all the fat cells have been drawn to the surface to be killed they need to be distributed back in so the body can remove them naturally. So, for the rest of the day I had to keep rubbing my very cold tummy and drink lots and lots of water to start moving my dead fat cells

The big advantage of fat freezing is the lack of down time and no after-effects. I was back in the gym that afternoon and Zumba the next day. Despite my earlier worries, there was no bruising, numbness, after-pain or discomfort. My stomach feels harder and more solid, although after the one session, as expected, it is no smaller.

Will I continue with the treatment? You bet I will. I am already visualising wearing a bikini – something I haven’t done for almost 20 years. Check in next month to see how it’s going.

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