100 day challenge – Environ

Starting over!

By rights my skin should be a mess as my 100 day challenge has had so many challenges. In the past three months I have been on three long-haul flights, suffered a bereavement, eaten badly and erratically and downed a small European wine-lake to deaden the pain. The only thing I managed to maintain was a twice daily skin plan – not because of vanity but because it gave me a tiny little bit of routine within the mayhem. So when I pitched up for my ‘start again’ consultation, it was with some trepidation.  

The staff at Skin3 had been kindness itself – telling me not to worry and just start again. So I was determined to get back on track and back on the challenge.

As ever, the plain speaking Samantha put my face in the box and the checking began. Bright lights, your face in alarming colours of green and yellow on the screen, I braced myself for bad news. I was wrong to worry.

The results?

  • Lines further reduced

  • Underlying skin damage repairing

  • Skin bacteria down

  • Pores reducing

The only negative direction was that skin brightness had decreased and the capillaries around my nose were slightly redder – though to be fair, the amount of red wine which had been coursing through them should have made them luminous purple! It seems the Environ Colostrum treatment had, at least, protected my skin from the internal damage I had been inflicting.

So the conclusion? This product is working and under extreme circumstances. Air-conditioning, flying, distress and poor nutrition is a recipe for rapid skin ageing. Mine has had no less than a battering and the Environ System appears to have held my face together.

The one hour facial to complete the treatment was good for soul as well as skin. This time, the gloopy masque was replaced with a serum soaked gauze before being hooked up to the pulse machine. Relaxing, luxurious and by the end my face looked decidedly brighter, smoother and younger. 

I’m back on the road to looking better.

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