The #100dayresetchallenge – a Sassy Experiment - 30 days in

Is there any change?

So here we are at the one month point of my 100 day reset challenge through the International Institute for Anti-Ageing (IIAA) and Skin3 salon London. Would my skin be better, the same, worse?

My gut feel was that my skin had definitely improved in both colour and smoothness. In the past two weeks a client has mentioned that I look younger and another that I look more rested. An old friend met up and said I was looking well. But there was always the threat of ‘wishful thinking’.

Over the past 30 days, I have been diligent in my skincare routine and keeping to the advice of hydration and supplements. My therapist, the straight talking Samantha, took a look and was pleased – but we needed evidence. It was time to put my face in the box and ley the analysis begin.

I have to say, I was more shocked that surprised as the results came through:

  • Age of my skin was younger

  • Wrinkles in the eye are reduced significantly and all small dehydration lines gone

  • Oil areas diminished – tellingly the only areas not improved were those I had wrongly been avoiding with the toner

  • Sun damage and dark spots lighter

  • Areas of redness and underlying damage surface capillaries lighter

  • Bacteria slightly reduced – but I had spent a long day in the city and so this is hard to measure fairly.

In short – the Environ products have made a difference in 30 days.

Buoyed up with the results, it was off to my second vitamin facial. http://www.skin3.co.uk/pages/facials. This time I opted to have the mask spread over my eyes to get full benefit in that area. My initial fears of claustrophobia were soon dispelled as I became more interested in the little lights. Just as last time, I loved the result.

Next steps – I have been given an additional product – Alpha Hydroxy Gel https://vitaminskincare.co.uk/to use at night just twice a week. This is to work on my enlarged pores and further any refining of the skin surface. In addition, my moisturiser has changed to level 2 which is stronger in vitamins. As before, Samantha listened and did not pile on the products – just tailored my regime to the needs of my skin.

So far, so good. I have a way to go before I have the skin I want (and do not deserve after years of poor hydration, travel, air-conditioning and red wine!) but this journey seems worth it.



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