The #100dayresetchallenge – a Sassy Experiment

Sassista One has taken up the challenge from the iiaa (International Institute for Anti-ageing) through the Skin3 salon in London to see if they can help her change her face in just 100 days. This is the first blog on how it goes.

The starting point

I have lived with this face for over half a century. 

In my early years, SPF factor 50 was not heard about – we used baby oil or suntan lotion! – I have lived all my life in central heating or air-conditioning, I love to sail (sun and salt!) and I have a Celtic genetic code which means my flat cheeks are destined to sag. That said, I have spent a small fortune on products – from the eye-wateringly expensive to the cheap and cheerful which many experts say are just as good. I eat a very clean diet, though it is supplemented with red wine, take supplements, I exercise and I drink water.  I am probably pretty average – so why do I see my grandmother when I look in the mirror?

So when the Skin3 salon said they could make a difference in 100 days I was cynical. In fact I have told them that one of my measures is the cynicism scale which has a standing start of 100%. Undeterred, they insisted their products would make a difference and so the journey has begun.

Day One

I arrived for my first assessment and treatment to be greeted by Samantha, a professional and straight talking therapist who, having done the expected health checks, put my head in a box. But this is no ordinary box. I took images of my skin which enabled her to assess:

  • Age of my skin (which may not be my actual age)

  • Sun damage and dark spots

  • Underlying trauma such as broken capillaries and darkening

  • Wrinkles and dehydration lines

  • Surface bacteria

  • Oil distribution and pores

To look at the effects of life, sun, salt and a few years of too much red wine is not exactly pleasant, but it is certainly fascinating. More than that, it makes you think about the need to do something now. Samantha efficiently prescribed the best products for my face and nourishment on the basis that you feed your skin from the inside as well as the outside. This done it was onto the first treatment - the Advanced Active Vitamin Facial http://www.skin3.co.uk/pages/facials.

I have had hundreds of facials but nothing quite like this. It started with an oily cleanser and toning to float off my make-up. Step two was an exfoliating clay masque which dissolves dead skin rather than use abrasive. Step three was another cleanse with an alphahydroxy toner. Step four was a lactic acid based peel to exfoliate and brighten which is activated by a probe which puts a mild current into your skin. I was a little tense at this – expecting it to sting, but no. The next step was a colostrum gel, also probed to hydrate and encourage healing. I thought this was it – but wrong again, my face was covered in serums of vitamins A and C then covered in a thick masque which was attached to a current. A light tingling and a few lights in your eyes was actually relaxing and made all the better with a shoulder massage with oils of rose, geranium, clary sage and frankincense.  All done, I was moisturised with eye cream, moisturiser and SPF15 protectant.

The results

I have to admit, I dressed and internally muttered that this was probably high-tech nonsense. Nothing can make a difference in an hour. Then Samantha put me in front of a mirror before I could even reach for the make-up bag. It was a shock – a very nice shock. I looked visibly different and my skin looked smoother, younger, brighter. I looked younger. The following day the results are still there. I have had to reduce my cynical rating to 80% (I want to see how the products work!).

Next steps

I have walked away with a simple set of products, chosen for my specific needs and skin damage. Included in the pack are collagen support vitamins. I follow a simple cleanse, tone, moisturise and protect regime.

Next week, more about the products and their effect over a week. If you want to take a look in advance then link to https://vitaminskincare.co.uk/

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