Every year women across the world spend over $250 billion on beauty. So why don’t we all feel beautiful? Much of it is in the mind, the rest is in the product and the process. We are on a mission to find things which work…and also the things which don’t.


100 day challenge – another month another improvement

 Well I cannot say life has become easier, but my skin has still improved. This week saw me back with my face in the box to see if my face had aged, remained or reversed. On the whole it was good news.

100 day challenge – Environ

Starting over!

By rights my skin should be a mess as my 100 day challenge has had so many challenges. In the past three months I have been on three long-haul flights, suffered a bereavement, eaten badly and erratically and downed a small European wine-lake to deaden the pain. The only thing I managed to maintain was a twice daily skin plan – not because of vanity but because it gave me a tiny little bit of routine within the mayhem. So when I pitched up for my ‘start again’ consultation, it was with some trepidation.  

Hand-made Lotion Bars

Lotion Bars are solid bars of moisturising oils that gently 'melt' onto the skin when rubbed with warm hands, adding moisturising oils and fragrance. This recipe uses lavender oil, but you can easily add your own choice of essential or fragrance oils. These are great for wrapping in waxed paper and keeping in your handbag and also make really pretty gifts.

The #100dayresetchallenge – a Sassy Experiment - 30 days in

Is there any change?

So here we are at the one month point of my 100 day reset challenge through the International Institute for Anti-Ageing (IIAA) and Skin3 salon London. Would my skin be better, the same, worse?

The #100dayresetchallenge – a Sassy Experiment

Sassista One has taken up the challenge from the iiaa (International Institute for Anti-ageing) through the Skin3 salon in London to see if they can help her change her face in just 100 days. This is the first blog on how it goes.

The starting point

I have lived with this face for over half a century. 

Home-made Night Time Body Balm

Part of your Microbiome balance plan

An essential part of balancing your Biome in the New Year is to get plenty of restful sleep. In addition, you should not be lathering your skin with chemicals and parabens which are known to upset the microbiome.

This gorgeous body butter will not only balm your skin into beautiful softness but the lavender will relax you and assist you in getting off to sleep.

Top tips for great skin after 45

How many times have you looked with envy-eyes at the woman across the table who tells you she is over fifty and yet you cannot see a single damn wrinkle? Crows feet be damned. Not even a worry line. No tell-tale creases from nose to lips and cheeks so smooth that a baby would like a bottom like that!

Natural Beauty Solutions for Oily Skin

Last week we looked at natural, kitchen made beauty solutions for dry skin. This week we tackle oily skin.

Frankly, if you have oily skin over the age of 45 you’re both rare and lucky as the natural oils will keep your skin plumped and wrinkle-free.

Natural beauty solutions for dry skin

Top tips for quick home-made beauty fixes

Across the world, we spend billions – yes, billions on beauty. Face creams, hand creams, body creams, eye creams – ranging from small money to eye-watering investment.

Fat freezing

A sassista’s experience of the latest inch loss treatment of fat freezing

Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, is one of the latest treatments for reducing fat in specific areas. It works by freezing fat cells to the point of shattering so that the body can digest them through white blood cells – or cryogenic lipolysis to be accurate.

Is your hair your crowning glory or your crow’s nest?

Top tips for women who want great hair after 40

As we progress into our forties and beyond, our hair begins to show our age. Hormonal change means it can get thinner, dryer, frizzier, fluffier. 

The best hand creams for sassy hands over 45 

The first Sassy product test

If you have a daily shower and do the washing up (we are jealous if you never have to wash up!) 

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