Annie Reviews:

Body Shop Shea Body Butter

Price: From £6 for 50ml to £28 for 400ml

Feel: Rich and luxurious. It glides on and gives your skin the glow of excellent moisturisation. Yet not greasy and you do not get that surface layer which rubs off like dead skin. Skin felt smooth for 24 hours until the next shower. Annie is now using this for post-swimming moisturising to fend off the dried prune look. It works!

Scent: Rich but not at all cloying. A slight vanilla smell makes it fresh. (Vanilla is meant to raise men’s ardour. Slap it on girls!)

Packaging: We cannot say the packaging is overtly Sassy or something to adorn your dressing table. But it is eco-friendly and you can take it back to the shop for recycling.

Results: Oooooooh yes! Slather this on and feel that skin drink up the goodness. A few applications and you wonder if 50 is the new 20! Best applied after a good scrub down and exfoliation.

Value: This lasts for ages unless you get slap-it-on-silly. Good value.

Rating: 9/10 (would be 10 with a prettier package)

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