Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder

Annie Reviews:

Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder

Price: £20.50

There is no denying brows are in. Big brows. But some of us are quite horrified by the huge blocks of brown painted on by some women. Yes, we know the brows frame the face – but two oblongs of dark brown are not going to turn you into Cara Delevingne. She looks good. The rest of us are in danger of looking like Willy Whitelaw.

So having been nagged to do something with my fading brows, this little product was a real find.

As with all Benefit products, the look is just great fun. But the product works. Inside the jazzy silver box you have two colours – lighter brown for start of brow to arch, darker shade from arch to tail end of brow. Then brush. One little applicator is good for both colours and brushing through.

The result is well defined brows without an instant frown or looking like Max Wall. Colour is great and so they look natural on all skin tones.

Good product Benefit!

Feel: Good – smooth powder product which is easy to apply.

Scent: None

Packaging: Lovely – the silver sparkle makes you smile

Results: Great – natural but defined brows.

Value: Excellent

Rating: 10/10

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