SoapGlory SExy MotherPucker Lipstick

Annie Reviews:

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick

Price: £9.00

You will find this in the Soap and Glory section of your Boots store – but it should be far more prominent. There are no fewer than 24 shades from nudes to pinks and you can select from three finishes – powder-coat™ matte, silk-coat™ satin and glass-coat™ gloss. This review is based on the powder-coat™ matte.

Colours are rich and dense so gives a great coverage. It goes on well, straight from the lipstick or by brush. The feel is comfortably smooth and hydrating so no puckering despite the name! But maybe the best aspect is how it lasts. Colour remains for ages, even after eating and drinking.

Feel: Excellent – smooth and hydrated.

Scent: Slightly flowery – so odd for lipstick but pleasant.

Packaging: Fun and glossy. Looks good in a Sassy make-up bag.

Results: Excellent coverage and staying power.

Value: At £9.00 it is a steal. Better quality than lipsticks from the expensive counters.

Rating: 9/10

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