clarins beauty flash balm

Annie Reviews:

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Price: £32.00

An old faithful which never fails to deliver. Beauty Flash Balm has been the saviour of travelling women for decades now. No wonder it won Best in Beauty Icon in 2013. I am told that this is created using horse hair but that seems a little unlikely. Whatever they use it works. If you wake up on a flight with your face looking like a scene from a lunar landing and your eyes peeping through bags, then it is time to get out your flash balm. In seconds, your face is returning to a single colour and deep sleep-induced lines are fading. Add to this a large glass of water and you should walk off that plane looking Sassy.

Feel: Light, smooth and you can feel the tightening as those bags reduce.

Scent: Classic Clarins – light and flowery

Packaging: Also classic Clarins – pure class in white and red

Results: Excellent – it tightens and brightens

Value: Good – though not cheap.

Rating: 9/10

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