Avene 50

Annie Reviews:

Eau Thermale Avene Very High protection Mineral Cream SPF 50+

Price: About £20.00

There is no doubt that we need to protect our skin in the summer months. UV light will simply erode your skin’s elasticity and create sun damage which can never be reversed – no matter how many claims the manufacturers of your moisturizer makes.

This is an award winning product which offers very high protection for sensitive skin – or intolerant skin as Avene calls it. It is unscented, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic and without chemical filters so the minerals are doing their job. Therefore, you can be assured you are not piling a lot of nasty parabens etc. onto your skin before it even faces the sun-challenge.

The feel of the scream is smooth and non-oily so you do not turn into a grease-ball. It has colour and so you would expect it to work well - but here is the rub. It is pale – very pale – and does not rub into your skin. It stays on the surface and so you do get a ghost-look unless you use very little which can only limit protection. Annie is very light skinned – and it even made her look alarmingly pale. So the limitation is your appearance. If you do not want to look very white in public then you need to find another product. If you are in your garden or in trusted company then a good buy.

Feel: Good – smooth and non-greasy

Scent: None

Packaging: Classy, very French and a good size to put in your handbag or beach-bag

Results: Only for use in the garden unless you are happy to look like a ghost.

Value: Good for protection this high, poor for general usability

Rating: 6/10

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