Dior Capture Totale La Creme multi perfection duo

Annie Reviews:

Dior Capture Totale – La Crème Multi-perfection

Price: £130 for 60ml

At Sassy we generally try and keep our reviews to products that are within an affordable price range for everyone. However, every so often we push the boat out and review some higher end products, such as this fabulous crème from Dior which claims to offer proven anti-gravity effectiveness and more toned and more elastic skin after just 1 month’s use. So we put it to the test…

Feel: Lovely – although slightly heavier than some creams we tested it’s still reasonably light and a little goes a long way.

Scent: Pleasant, luxurious lightly floral scent.

Packaging: Classy, luxurious packaging. Press the button at the front and the lid flips up, revealing another interior cover for the crème, keeping it fresher for longer.

Results: Skin feels really soft and smooth and looks dewy after just one use. It forms a superb base for makeup helping it to stay fresh all day. After a few uses I can honestly say that my skin definitely looks more toned.

Value: Hey, it’s not cheap, but does last well. If you’re looking to treat yourself then this may be it!

Rating: 9.5/10

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