Rimmel supergel system

Annie Reviews:

Rimmel Super Gel Nail Colour

Price: Around £11.50 for the 2 bottles

This is a 2 step system that you start by applying 2 coats of the super gel nail colour. Then apply the super gel top coat which activates the colour and shine for up to 14 days.

Packaging: Standard nail polish packaging although the top coat comes in a funky black bottle with purple lid

Results: I found this to be very quick drying – the two coats and the top coat were all dry in around 15 minutes total. It didn’t last for as long as 14 days, chipping after a week although within just 2 days it was wearing away around the nail tip. Re-applying the top coat every few days helps it last longer.

Value: Good

Rating: 9/10 for application speed, 8/10 for longevity

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