Gold collagenfacemask

Annie Reviews:

Gold Bio-Collagen Facial Mask

Price: £5.49 for 5 although price varies

These fascinating, luxurious-looking gold face masks are a real treat. However, they are quite difficult to place and can rip while you’re trying to line up with the mouth, nose and eye holes. Have a laugh, share images with friends because they look hilariously scary on.

Make sure you allow 20-30 minutes relaxation time to wear the mask and get the full benefit.

Feel: Quite a strange slimy texture.

Packaging: Each mask is individually wrapped in a foil package. Be careful when opening as there is a lot of collagen serum which you want on your face – not the floor!

Results: Immediately skin feels refreshed and smooth. No noticeable improvement in skin texture and wrinkles longer term.

Value: Excellent

Rating: 8.5/10

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