Annie Reviews:

Lush Big Sea Salt Shampoo

Price: £13.95 for 330g but smaller and larger tubs are available

Feel: This is packed full of sea salt which gradually dissolves as you shampoo your hair and your hair starts to feel thicker and fuller. Lathers well. Great for exfoliating the scalp too.

Scent: Really fresh and zingy. Doesn't smell too sea-ish as all the beautiful scents from lemons, limes and coconut combine delightfully with the seaweed and a host of other gorgeous ingredients to give a scent straight out of an expensive spa.

Packaging: Lush hard-wearing, simple standard packaging. Don't forget to return 5 full size empty pots for a free fresh mask!

Results: Good. However, initial full thick feeling is not so apparent once hair dries. Hair still carries more volume though and styles easily.

Value: Good

Rating: 8/10

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