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Sleep – top tips for getting sufficient sleep

Are you sleeping well?

If you are not really attending to this essential bit of brain maintenance, you are increasing your risk of dementia, heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes and even cancer. Back in 2007, the World Health Organisation declared shift-work carcinogenic as the body never adjusts to reversing night and day.

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Body positive – confidence or a cover up?

Where do you stand on fat? Should you be proud, ashamed, confident, covered up?

Last week I was listening to the wonderful Women’s Hour on the impact of the Body Positive Movement – that radical group of black women who stood up in the 1990s and refused to be shamed for having bodies bigger than the norm. I started off positive and by the end of the interview – pretty angry.

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Are you facing a SAD winter? Top tips for managing seasonal affective disorder

On Saturday the clocks go back and we officially move from summer time to winter. Evenings will be shorter and soon we will be going to and returning from work in the dark.

I hold my hand up. I find winters harder and harder as I get older.

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Businesswoman menopause

Menopausal and disabled. Is this a comfortable fit?

Last week, Mandy Davies was reinstated in her job and awarded nearly £20,000 for hurt feelings and loss of income. Why? Because the judge, Lucy Wiseman, defined her very disruptive menopause as a disability.

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Westminster, sexual abuse, harassment, abuse of power and what it will mean for women in the workplace

First let’s be very clear on where I stand: Any man or woman who uses their political or physical power to intimidate, harass or harm another person for their own gratification deserves the full weight of the law to come down upon them and the full weight of their colleagues against them. 

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DNA, Dieting and Getting Sweaty


I have been dieting for about ten years now and I am heavier than when I started. I have tried just about every ‘solution’ known to woman from calorie control to clean eating to not eating to macrobiotic mindfulness. They have collectively, along with a dollop of stress and a bout of mid-life hormones, added a good 14 pounds to my backside and belly.

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