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Fallen Angels – when charity and wrong go hand in hand

For most people over 50 the name Oxfam has become the catch-all for charity giving. ‘Give it to Oxfam’ is the usual term just as ‘get out the hoover’ is the catch-all for cleaning and ‘pass the kleenex’ for tissues. To most of us Oxfam is the symbol of good, giving, generosity of spirit and that warm feeling of having done something for the less fortunate.


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Well it’s been quite a sassy year!

As we get ready for a new year, it is good to look back on the passing twelve months and think where we have been, what we have endured, what we have learned, what we have laughed over, loved and loathed. By doing this we can look forward and think about making next year even better.


Networking and human trafficking

Another week and another fabulous group of strong women. This week I was a guest at TWIN – The Women’s Insurance Network – for an evening of networking, sharing stories, fundraising and listening to the story of Ella’s Home – more of which later.

Our first Staying Sassy seminar!

This week saw the first of our Sassy seminars – ‘45 and very much alive’. I faced a pretty tough audience – twenty very independent, strong and feisty women from the London Welsh Club. My audience ranged from 45 to 85 and not a shrinking violet amongst them.

Retirement – is it the death of life?

Thoughts on making retirement positive

Well, operation catwalk is now in real competition with work so not much progress. The spin cycle has been worryingly demoted to the bottom of the to-do list. We are now well into September and I am back to work with a bang.

Bank Holiday mindfulness and getting happy

Why is ‘busy’ brandished by so many people? Radio Four’s series Oliver Burkeman Is Busy has been analyzing the modern fetish of busyness. In this week’s programme they covered the warped phenomena of telling people how busy we are as a sign of relevance, importance, value, status, competence, and financial worth. In business, not being busy, has become a threat for ‘only the busy’ are getting anything done.

Children, old people and lessons in simply being kind

Many of us have been struck this week with the wonderful documentary on Channel Four in which a group of little children – just four years old – transformed the lives of a group of elderly men and women in a Bristol Retirement Complex.

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