Cool as a Christmas Cucumber!

Well it is nearly here – that season of joy, endless parties, booze (take a look at our article on managing the office party!), present-dilemmas, last-minute panic buying, card posting and, yes, frantically buying copious amounts of food because – shock horror – the supermarkets will be closed for a whole day!

I am writing this blog from the States – Chicago in fact - and, I have to say, they seem to be far more relaxed about Christmas – or holiday season – here. Houses are transformed into grottoes of light, groups of people meet for dinner and drinks wearing their reindeer and Christmas headbands; every little girl has a Christmas outfit and a wand; Christmas jumpers are de-rigour even for the sassiest of career women.


So am I loving bundling up in winter warmers, fluffy boots and head-muffs? Well yes for 30 minutes and then the hot-flush starts. That’s when you start stripping off like a lush and desperately shoving your face out of the window in the hope that a quick spell of minus 5◦ will take the colour down form scarlet to a cute and healthy pink. Want to spot a menopausal women in winter? She is the one wearing her summer dress!

However, I have found something which just might help – hence the photo for this blog I am not one for pushing products unless I really want to share something fab – but this is fab.

Cucumber Clothing www.cucumberclothing.com is a fairly new business set up by women like us – over forty, experiencing night perspiration, surrounded by women who experience the hell of waking up at night in a slick of sweat. Now this is a symptom of many things including cancer, thyroid issues, medication, pregnancy, but it is the number one hormonal complaint for menopausal women. For me it is the last remaining symptom but the one which is most uncomfortable – night sweats not only disrupt your sleep patterns (see our article on getting a good night sleep) but they make you feel miserable. It is not just having to get up and change – it is the worry that you whiff! But these ladies have spent a long time finding a fabric that does something practical. First it is a patented wicking fabric. Whicking? It means it pulls perspiration away from your skin, so you might walk up hot but not sticky. Second it is anti-microbial and so you don’t have to wake up wondering if your pits smell like an un-vented gym. The fabric is silky smooth so you feel pretty Sassy and the colour retains wash after wash. Light and packable – it doesn’t crumple and you can wash and dry overnight if you are travelling. I brought mine to the States. Usually long-haul flights, a new room, time change all send me into a week of hot and horrible nights. Not this time – I am sleeping like a teenager.

I encourage you to take a look at the website – and more, I encourage you to buy yourself a good night’s sleep for Christmas!
Well, it’s a short blog this week – but big things don’t need that many words. Happy present hunting, happy food planning, happy partying and, most of all, treat yourself.

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