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Top tips for getting on trend with autumn foot wear

Well, the nights are drawing in for us Northern Hemisphere Sassistas and soon there will be a nip in the air. Sandals will be dispatched to the storage box under the bed and the strappy summer stuff pushed to the back of the wardrobe. 

It’s time to think about our autumn looks. This week we focus on shoes as it is always a good time to buy shoes.

The Sassistas have trawled the internet and the fashion brands to find out what is on trend this Autumn. There are no less than 38 key looks on the catwalk. So we have looked at the key themes and taken a sassy look at what will work for us over 45’s and what will definitely not.


Pointy toes – good old fashioned 1940’s style pumps and courts. These are back after a few years of rounded toes. They always look classy and you really can’t go wrong teaming these staples with a pencil skirt or trousers. However, beware toe-crunch and, if you have a risk of bunions then opt for wider fronted pumps. Sassy loves these Carvela Able High Heel court shoes!


Open toes – good if you have evening events. Maybe not great for those chilly autumn days as blue toes are not a good look. If you are going for open toes, ensure you keep those pedicures up. We love Flap Jack Peeptoe Shoe Boots in red kid suede and, Napa Peep Toe Shoe Boots both available from Office.      



Multiple buckle straps – take care. These can add a very attractive detail to a pair of high pumps but  extreme shoes which have buckle straps going all the way up to your knee (like a boot made out of straps) are only for those with skinny legs. Any hint of flesh protruding from skinny straps is just not sassy.


Big buckles – keep these for boots or you will look like you are wearing school shoes. Big buckles on the front of your shoes, if too big, will just look like Bonnie Prince Charlie. The buckles on the Jones Bootmaker Nimbly boot are understated but on-trend.


Wearing shoes with half-mast socks. No! Just no!

Photo source: www.fashionisers.com


Lace up footwear – same as for open toes. Beware blue feet. We really do not see how these are autumn shoes, but who are we to argue with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger?


Ankle straps – great for those of you with race horse ankles. Avoid, avoid, avoid if you have cankles. If you don’t however, Sassy loves these Daniel Meadowbeck Pointy contrast court shoes.


Chunky gothic – really? Do you want to look like a goth?


Sequins – this can work if kept subtle. Too much and you look like you are wearing your grand-daughters Barbie shoes.


Maribou trimming – fun on the catwalk but you will look like a booted bantam (they are a breed of chicken with fluffy feet!). There is also a trend for furry detail. This can look great on boots but beware your shoes looking too cutesy. Take a look at these from the catwalk.

Photo source: www.fashionisers.com


David Bowie boots – please don’t. The man was a genius and we love his music but even hestopped wearing these in the seventies. This is an icon to be left in the fashion museum.


Kitten heels – always a safe bet. Low, cute, sassy and you can wear them with anything. Also they do not put pressure on your soles. Sassista One insists that the only thing which has gotten thinner as she ages is the bottom of her feet. We agree and kitten heels look sassy without the pain.


Sculptured heels – if you are wondering what these are, they are very fancy heels designed to look like pillars, cats, dogs, or even Alice in Wonderland teacups. On young women they look cute and quirky, on us there is serious danger of walking into Widow Twanky zone. If you go with this trend, go subtle – no teacups! The same goes for what the fashion world is calling extreme designs – shoes which look like bunches of flowers or snakes on your feet. Great on the catwalk on those gazelle legs and feet, but high potential for looking like ‘mad eccentric’ on older pins. Just take care. Buy these for your grand-daughter!


Chunky heels and square heels – good for us who tend to wobble on high heels, but avoid the extreme versions which can look clumpy. We love the colour, fabric and simplicity of the Hannah court shoe from Hobbs and the Steve Madden Spectur Flared Heel court shoes shown below.



Animal look - yes! If Theresa May can scare the conservative party in her leopard-skin look kitten heels then we can all follow suit. Get those prints on your pins and add a bit of sass to any outfit. The trend is towards faux animal and snake skin. We would always suggest that faux is best – why walk on an animal which should be walking itself? These Dune Oaklee Buckle Block heel ankle boots are a great way to add a splash of animal print without going overboard.

Boots of all heights – over ankle, mid-calf, knee high for most of us are an autumn staple. The key to boots is that they work to your leg and never appear to be sausage skins. If, like many of us, you do not possess race horse legs then ensure you opt for designs and brands which work for thicker pins. There is nothing worse than boot-bulge!


Suede boots – a big yes. Looked after well they always add a splash of class to an outfit. Make sure you treat them with anti-stain protector and invest in a suede brush to keep them looking sassy.


Thigh highboots – we think a little risky. OK – if you have great legs and can squeeze into skinny jeans while looking younger than your age then we salute you and say get sassy. If not, you will look like Puss in Boots. Flat heels are best. Whatever your legs are like – do not attempt the Kim Kardashian see through look. They look like those overshoe protectors our grannies wore in the 1960’s.That said, we love these from M&S Autograph range…


So, the low down is – older women, Sassitas, are in for a good autumn of shodding. The key trends are in our favour in terms of both look, heels and height. So there is no excuse for not going sassy fashion shoe-shopping.

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