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Top tips for sassy sandal wearing

Summer really is here. Bags are being packed for holidays and every case needs a set of summer sandals. But how do you ensure you look sassy and never silly as you bare your toes to the sun?

First the big mistakes for sassistas over 45:

If you are already avoiding the five sins then you needs to get your feet shiny and well shod. The Sasistas have been out for advice and a few beautiful sandals to perk up your peds.

  • Heels too high. If you are tottering in your straps it will look worse than shoes as they give no ankle support. It hurts too.
  • Toe creep. Toes protruding over the end of your sandals or your little toe poking outside the strap is just horrible. Men have been seen to shudder and look away. If it is so bad that it is listed on Room 101 then it’s not a look of which to be proud.
  • Roman leg straps.Yes, the ancient Greeks and Romans wore straps up their legs as a sign of wealth, but please do not copy. If you have legs like a well-toned race-horse, you might get away with it, but you are a rare beast.
  • Long toe nails. Do we really need to explain? The same goes for wearing tights with sandals.
  1. Invest in a pedicure– not a toe pain, but the full works for skin, exfoliation, nails, and varnish. It will make you feel good and a good beautician can do wonders to get your feet to a baseline of looking decent.

  2. Invest in home foot care. Your feet have been wrapped up and possibly neglected for 9 months. Get yourself some creams for cracked skin if necessary. Compeed ™ Cracked Heel overnight cream gets very high ratings. With cracks sorted, you need to start a moisturising regime for a week. We love Manuka doctor Apil Nourish www.manukadoctor.co.uk; L’occitane shea butter foot cream www.loccitane.com; and for really needy feet try O’Keefe’s healthy feet www.okeeffesco.com.

  3. Keep the nail-varnish in tip-top condition. Chipped and worn is not an option. Bright colours are fun, but more noticeable when wearing out.

  4. Buy wisely. They may look lovely in the shop but are they right for you? A few tips:

    • Neutral colours and nudes will go with all your clothes and usually make your legs look longer. We found some beautiful, classy sandals. If you want a bargain, look in Dorothy Perkins. If you want to invest, look at Kurt Geiger or LK Bennett.

    • If you have bunions, avoid strappy. You will simply look lumpy. Try a lovely open toed mule-shoe. We love Steve Madden ‘Rebeckka’, though the review states the sizing is small. If you want glamourous then take a look at the fabulous colours and styles from various designers at http://www.polyvore.com/opentoemules

    • If you will be walking, get flat heels. Tottering is never a sassy look on the seafront!

    • If you have cankles or heavy legs avoid ankle straps. They will just look thicker.

  5. Size. Your sandals must fit your feet exactly. Too small is ugly, too big put you in danger of floppy. Slapping round the beach is only acceptable in flip-flops.

  6. Flip flops. You can’t go wrong with a back-up pair for the beach, garden or even evening. If you want a few for your case, then please buy from the Gandy brothers http://www.gandyslondon.com/ as you will do good for your soul as well as your soles. These brothers, orphaned in a tsunami, use their profit to help other orphans all over the world. 

    So six steps to sassy sandal wearing. Go show your toes!


Picture: Triple Strap Stacked Sandal available from Warehouse.



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