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Top tips for looking good in a swimsuit

Well the summer holiday season is here and the beach is beckoning. But are you feeling beach body ready? Or are you planning to lurk behind a baggy top and a pair of leggings? The sassistas have been looking into flattering swimsuits and how to look good in the pool, on the beach or just in the garden. If you look like Helen Mirren in her red bikini, you probably do not need to read this article. If you are like the rest of us, read on.

We all look at pictures of lithe models smouldering in little bikinis and remember those early days – when we could throw on a patch of material linked by a few straps and walk out with confidence. Most of us have to accept those days are gone and looking good in a swimsuit after 45 needs a little more thought and careful purchasing. Finding swimwear for mature women which looks classy as well as sassy takes time. First a few things to avoid:

  • Bikinis. The itsy-bitsy polka dot look is rarely appropriate for our age. Unless you have retained the flat stomach and smooth belly skin of youth, these mini beach suits will only highlight age. If you are overweight, a bikini will simply clear the beach!

  • Plunges. Beware the plunge tops. These only work of your boobs have retained their firmness and lift. If they are beginning to sag, a plunge top will make your assets look like escaping snakes.

  • High rise legs. Very risky if your thighs are big or untoned. Dodgy sales people will tell you they make your legs look longer. We say they show your bottom. As for thong-style swimsuits – no, no, no!  These are questionable at all ages.

  • Horizontal stripes. These only work of you are very slim. If you are not, or if you have gained weight around your middle, you will look like a beachball!

  • Poor sizing. Yes they stretch, but squeezing into a size 12 suit will not make you a size 12. It just means that the rest of you has to bulge out of every seam. Exploding out of a swimsuit is just not a classy look.

So what works?

  • Get support. Wearing a swimsuit which has an internal bra will ensure you are well shaped and sag-free. We were impressed with Bravissimo. The models are young and taut which can be a little daunting for us less firm sassistas, but the styling is good. Take a look at the Paloma swimsuit, currently on sale.

  • Try a halter-top with support. Often these give good shape to boobs which are losing firmness and have a lifting effect. Take a look at Figleaves Swimwear: Tailor Underwired Tummy Control Swimsuit http://www.figleaves.com/uk/product/FIG-004564/figleaves-swimwear-Tailor-Underwired-Tummy-Control-Swimsuit/?size=&colour=Black

  • Wear the right shape top. If your cleavage has gone crêpey then the classic v shape might not be the best choice. A bandeau-top suit with good straps will be more flattering. Take a look at the very pretty palm-print suit on www.fiftyplus.co.uk.

  • Buy the right suit for your shape. If you are pear-shape, get a suit which is dark on the bottom and has colour at the top. If you are top heavy, get a plain colour or a suit which has detailing around the bottom. Also a cross-over style will flatter rather than flaunt. If you are apple-shaped, get a suit which uses illusion to slim the waist.  You will find a great range at www.jdwilliams.co.uk.

  • Tummy panels. A swimsuit puts our paunches in full view. A good tummy panel will give you sufficient pull-in. Marks & Spencer has a good product range in their secret slimming swimsuits. Also they get extra sassista points for having a post-surgery option with prosthesis pockets for post-mastectomy confidence on the beach.

  • Swim-dresses. These are fantastic – they can have internal support to shape you and cover your bottom and thighs. They give sufficient cover to look classy while still looking very beach-ready. We found some great buys at www.swimwear365.co.uk, www.simplybe.co.uk  and we really liked the magisculpt flatter-me swimdress at JD Williams.

  • Cover-ups. Sometimes, we just feel better with a bit more flesh covering. Opt for sheer fabrics which cover well without looking like a bin-bag. We found a good black number on simplybe.co.uk. The models are young, but the style good at any age.

So if you are looking at all those beach-babes and thinking you are better hiding behind your wind-breaker, think again. You can look good at any age and any size. Just follow your body, your style and your needs and not the sales images. Those woman are models for a reason – they make the suits look good. We sassistas have to change tack and think of suits which make us look good.

See you on the beach!

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