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Sassy shopping for style

Great clothes for the over fifty woman

Are you a women over 50 looking for smart, trendy clothes? Do you want dresses for women over 50 which do not make you look like your granny? Do you dream of an outfit which has colour and style rather than fifty shades of grey or beige?

We know it is not easy – but nor is it impossible. Having had a bruising chat with a friend, Sassista three went on a mission, and this is her experience.

It is not often you hand over money and want to hug the shop assistant! But the experience in Roman, Weston-super-Mare did that for me. I also learned that you do not have to have a huge budget to look and feel good. You need good, Sassy advice and honesty.

I went in sniffling and hurt, having had feedback from a colleague that I was not looking as professional as I needed to be for an upcoming client event. The helpful advice was to buy something expensive – M&S was not enough! She was trying to help and no hurt was intended; but little does she know that I have a wardrobe of lovely clothes which I cannot get into and which cause me emotional pain every time I open the door. I do not enjoy the constant round of black trousers and rather baggy tops which are the only things I can get over the lumps and bumps. In fact I feel like ****! The thought of spending hundreds on clothes I did not want doubled the insult.

But it had to be done – an outfit was needed. But I also needed advice, honesty and a kind word. All that came from the shop manager, Rachael, who in less than 30 minutes had guided my reluctant body round the store, found five dresses and drape jacket which would hit all the right professional buttons and also use illusion to make a slimmer silhouette. I learned:

  • Wear the right size dress. Wearing a size too big has the same effect as wearing a size too small – it makes you look bigger.

  • Use a flash of colour to detract from your biggest area. All black does not work

  • Colour blocking really does make you look and feel slimmer

  • Heels will always make you look leaner – the Sassistas don’t care what Nicola Thorpe says about them being ‘a sexism issue’.

  • Never be afraid of colour – it brightens your face and your image.

  • Try something different – you just might surprise yourself

I also learned that a professional and honest assistant helps as much as the clothes, and is able to turn tears into fun, even delight. By the end I was even able to laugh when a dress (my choice not hers) made me look - well - less than my best.

The result? I left walking tall, feeling Sassy and ready to watch my colleague’s jaw drop when I walked into that event with style. It was even better than expected. She asked which designer I was wearing!

 Budget: £90.00. I am sooooo looking forward to telling her!

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