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High heels or flatties?

Are our feet a feminist issue? Or just an issue of choice?

When Nicola Thorpe hit the headlines with her complaint against PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (or really the reception agency) request for her to wear 2-4 inch heels, there was a frenzy of feminist and female-fashionista comments.

Thousands signed her petition for a change in the law while others, such as the headmistress of a St Alban’s girls’ school, insisted that high heels – or just heels – gave women a fashion edge. Now, some of us would not count 2 inches as a high heel and would say that the pictures of Miss Thorpe’s bleeding toes were more a case of ‘shoes too small and toe-nails needing a cut’ than evidence of heels being an implement of enslavement to male sexual desire. Others began to see heels as the equivalent of the Victorian corset and the ancient Chinese practice of foot binding.

In the Sassita group we have one simple belief – wear what you damn well like as long as you feel Sassy!

But a few tips from our fashion advisor.

Heels :

  1. You will only look Sassy and glamourous if you can walk upright in them. Tottering around like a new-born giraffe is not a good look. If you have to keep your knees bent and your back at an odd angle to stay upright – they are simply too high. You will look more silly than sassy.

  2. High heels can hurt and, when your feet hurt, you do not walk well. We have all seen the clumping gait of a women in ped-pain. One Sassista in the office insists that the only thing to lose weight as she gets older is the balls of her feet! Invest in good heels with a solid sole or even a small platform to avoid feeling every lump and bump of the pavement bruise your precious peds.

  3. Limit the toe crunching. Those 1950’s pointy-toe courts are gorgeous. We would all love a pair of glamorous Laboutins or Manolo Blanicks and look like Carrie in Sex and the City. But there lies the way to crossed-toes, bunions and pain. Let the beautiful Victoria Beckham’s feet be a warning to you.

  4. Invest in fewer, better shoes. We cannot all have the shoe collection of Imelda Marcos, or the 200 foot adornments of Jayne Mansfield. But opting for plastic over leather in order to have more is a poor investment. Shiny, plasticky shoes will look what they are – and your feet will smell which is just not Sassy!

  5. Use high heels to feel sassy not a slave to fashion. High heels make trousers longer and leaner, pencil skirts more Marilyn Monroe and a business suit more powerful. Wear high heels to feel good, look good and lift that Sassy attitude. And if a man happens to think you look great, is that so very bad?



  1. Ballet pumps give you a whole range of colours and options. They can look great or gruesome. If the style is something your daughter or granddaughter would wear as ‘fun shoes’ they are unlikely to look Sassy on you. Avoid too many bows, ribbons, garish colours and definitely do not buy pumps with cute animal heads or Minnie mouse on the front!

  2. Like high heels, the shoe-sole is the key to good walking. Many flatties have a base as thin as paper and your will soon feel the pain of unprotected feet. Buy flatties with a decent leather or rubber sole. Likewise, make sure they fit. They should be flattie not floppy.

  3. Walk as if you were in heels. If you have flat feet and tend to clump around, then the lack of support in many flatties will not be helping you. Again, invest in brands designed to work with your foot such as Clarkes or Hotter.

  4. This season sees flatties with roman style lacing to go up the leg. If this give you the equivalent of a lower-limb muffin top, do not purchase!

  5. Be adventurous. Flatties can be fun, elegant and add a splash of glam to any outfit. They add a flourish of colour if used as accents, they can co-ordinate well with accent bags (see our upcoming blog on these Sassy accessories), they can pep up a base colour outfit and ensure you walk in comfort and style. Like the heels, wear them to feel good and look Sassy. And if a man happens to think you look great, is that so very bad?

So flatty, flirty, feminist, fashionista, high, low or in the middle – it’s your life, your choice. Just Sassy those shoes as you wish.

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