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This Season’s Look – Statement Sleeves

Great arm style for the over 45s

They are popping up everywhere – ruffs, puffs, flares and bows – and all on the sleeve. This season’s ‘must have’ is the statement sleeve which can add definite  interest to your look, but our trawl of the offerings tells us that Sassistas over 45 need to choose their statement sleeves for style and take care.

First, what to avoid.

  • The more extreme puffy styles need to be worn with care. There is a fine line between extreme fashion and Widow Twanky at our age

  • If you are wide in body, avoid wide in sleeve – it will only draw attention to your girth.

  • Likewise, if you are big around the hips, statement sleeves with elaborate and puffy detail at the wrist will only widen you

  • Statement sleeves which go beyond your fingertips could make you look as if you are back in the dressing up box wearing mums old stuff. Also, they are just irritating when you are trying to do anything practical – like eating!

  • Avoid the blingy temptress look, especially if you have big arms. Liz Hurley could do the safety pin look (and probably still can) – most of us will look as if we just don’t realise we don’t look like her.


That said, the positives are:

  • Statement sleeves are often long, which helps with bingo wings

  • They can, if chosen well, make an ordinary blouse into something far more glamorous

  • They can give a suggestive hint without baring yards of flesh

  • They are fun

  • They are interesting

  • They are a way of taking a step towards more edgy if you have become too conservative in your style

We have looked for the best and here are our some of our top High Street favourites.

Tie-neck Blouse in lilac from Warehouse
  Also from Warehouse - Sidney Floral Tiered Dress £59. If you find it a bit short, wear it as a tunic by teaming it up with a good pair of black leggings
Ecru rouched sleeve top from Next £34
Velvet Tie Sleeve Top
from Next £35 - £45
M & S Autograph
Statement Sleeve Blouse £49
M & S Collection
Crop Pleat Sleeve Jumper £29.50
M & S Collection
Long Sleeve Jersey Top £25

Ghost Kat Frill Top in black £145

Available from John Lewis

Great for holidays!


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