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Faux Fur – this Autumn’s nod at 1950’s decadence

The best faux fur coats for women over 45

There is something luxurious and decadent about being snuggled up in fur. But do you want to be thinking of the poor little beast suffering a vile life in a cage, waiting to die, just to adorn your back and ego? Not many of us will even contemplate the thought of an animal dying for our vanity.

Now, no doubt, many will be saying ‘What about shoes? And bags?’ Well, as most of these are the by-product of the food chain, then it seems to be more acceptable. No doubt there is a debate to be had – but that is for another article.

The good news is that you don’t have to kill a furry animal to wear fur. So leave that to Cruella de Ville. Faux fur these days is so well made and interesting that you wonder why women ever need the real thing. Faux is rising up the ‘must have’ ranks and designers are getting bolder and more adventurous all the time.

Now for the plus 45, we advise you stay away from Yeti fur bomber jackets and fur fabric in acid pink. They might be lovely but they are for the young. However, a good, classic faux is often better suited to the mature wearer who can seek classic difference.

We have trawled the stores and found some beauties.


Short Faux Fur coat by Zara. Classic shape and in smooth black ‘fur’ this is a timeless classic which can be formal if matched with skinny trousers and high heels or casual if thrown over jeans with a big scarf.

Longer version of black faux fur coat. Picked up by Elle magazine as a great buy. Available from www.very.co.uk

A thing of beauty from Karen Millen for the more adventurous Sassistas. Whatever you do wear this with plain understated trousers to ensure the coat is the feature. It doesn’t need anything to detract from the colours.

Classic with a difference from Marella - available at John Lewis.  This manages to combine cosy with classy and enough interest in the patches without looking fussy.

Flower print instead of animal print by Marc Cain. This is one for taller Sassistas. If you are small it will overpower you, and if you are a little apple shape too it will just widen you.

If you are going animal – keep it simple and classy. This is a synch by Helene for Denim Wardrobe, exclusive to John Lewis. The collar is enough to go without a scarf and the angular cut will make this fall like a dream.


Cocoon coat by Whistles will be like walking in a big hug. Warm, luxurious but not too formal. Also the neutral colour teams with absolutely anything while the shape will go with trousers or skirts. A timeless classic.

Windsmoor, fur bomber jacket for those Sassistas who can get away with jeans and boots. This can be dressed up or down with clever scarfing and gloves.

A hint of drama and 1950s style with this faux fur with cuffs from Per Una at Marks and Spencer. This will be one of your ‘bring out every year’ coats and has the advantage of going with trousers, skirts, dresses. If you want to go the full 50’s look get a statement brooch - but make sure is it large but plain and not a blingy bauble which will ruin the look.

Our next focus is on winter jumpers to keep you cosy and Sassy as the chill sets in.












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