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Seasonal style – top tips for beautiful autumn and winter coats

Well the chill is a-coming, unless you are a Southern Hemisphere Sassista looking forward to long warm evenings, in which case we look on you with envy eyes! For the rest of us the leaves are dropping, wind is rising, rain is falling and we are facing the annual doomsday predictions of the hardest winter for decades - but they say that every year. No matter, it is a good excuse to pull on your boots and go hunting for your winter coat.

Now by 45 plus, most of us have our ‘old favourite’ which we pull out of the mothballs like a pair of favourite slippers. We ignore the fact that Old Favourite, unless a timeless classic, is also old fashioned and probably has a few bobbles round the elbows and the sneaky red wine stain on the hem from a wild night out with the girls 10 years ago.

So, if it is time for something new, maybe it is also time to try something a little different. This year’s colours are a rich palette of blue, brick, wine, red, green and, the surprise, mustard. A word on mustard: Unless you are a Sassista of colour who will look fabulous in this sassy tone, then tread carefully. If you are pale or blonde, you can end up merging with your clothes!

Styles this Autumn are baggy, belted and block colours.

We have searched the stores and the internet and found the following, more interesting, bolder designs. 

Oversized waterfall duster coat from Missguided - Cheap and cheerful in five colours and will suit all shapes.

Next suedette belted trench coat from Next - Great for Sassistas with a waist. Avoid if you are apple shape.

Double-breasted cape coat from River Island - Make this the statement of your outfit and wear with knee-high boots for a strong military look.

Blend 1950s elegance with bold colour from Uterque

Stunning shape to suit all body-types and in this year’s mustard from Warehouse. Will suit most shapes but take care if you are short.

The one they are all talking about – the Alexa Bragatte trench from Marks and Spencer. You need to be fairly tall for this one.

Understated elegance in the alpaca half-belt coat from Jaeger will suit just about any shape and height.

If you want to invest get this double face cashmere beauty from Joseph for timeless colour and style. It will go on for years.

  Brighten your day with a jewel-red dress-up or dress-down coat by Zara

And it’s Zara again for a frayed coat which has enough detail to be different without being cutesy. Avoid if you are a natural muck-magnet!

Gorgeous glamour from Jane Norman and all faux so no bunnies boiled for this one.

Wear over simple black jeans and boots to make the coat the statement. Again, not for muck-magnets.

And yes, it’s Zara yet again for being classy but never dull.

Team this with black, beige or grey trousers and you could get away with a bright contrast top in wine or deep blue. This is one to wear with heels.

Very similar but even more into the block look is this number from Marks and Spencer.
This has popper fastening so you can have different collar design. In addition it is made with StormwearTMand so water repellent. Perfect for those autumn showers.

Warm and happy hunting Sassistas!

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