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Autumn Boots

Top tips for looking great in boots

Last month we looked at Autumn Shoe trends and high on the list is boots. Every Autumn as the leaves start to fall and the winds chill, suddenly the thought of snuggling into a pair of warm knee-highs seems the height of luxury. 

There’s no doubt, a pair of classy boots can make an outfit, lengthen your legs and add a dash of style to a very plain skirt. So we have looked at this Autumn’s offerings and what is out there.

First the big no-nos:

  • David Bowie boots. No sassistas. If you wore these in the seventies it was because you were young enough to wobble with elegance. Now we look as if we are learning stilt walking.

  • Bling boots. A pair of pull-on silver or gold boots look cute on your daughter. We are in danger of looking more pantomime than pretty.

  • Tucked in trousers with heavy legs. This is a no at any age. If you have thin pins and can ensure no lumps, bumps or overhangs then we salute you. But boots and saddlebags are not a good combination.

  • Too tight. There is nothing less flattering than your calves bulging out of the top of your boots. There is no excuse these days as many shops cater for less than skinny legs. Marks and Spencer Stain-Away wide fit suede boots are getting very good reviews this year.

  • Extreme over the knee. Again if you have thin legs, you might get away with this. If not – take care not to look like Dick Wittington without the cat.


The key to looking good in boots is:

  • Ensure they team with your outfit and do not counteract. The famous UGG boots, so loved by many, are good with trousers but they are not going to offset that pencil skirt.

  • If you want to lengthen your look, ensure the boots and the skirt/dress are the same colour. Contrasting colours can cut you in half.

  • Suede boots should be a staple for all wardrobes – hard wearing and always add a certain something. If you invest in suede ensure you treat them with waterproofing spray before wearing to stop water marks and buy yourself a suede brush to keep them in tip top smoothness.

  • Be a little adventurous. Instead of standard black and brown, opt for burgundy or this years hot colour – camel.

  • Invest in boots which have good soles. Thin bottoms will just put pressure on the balls of your feet and have you doing that clumpy walk (with a lot of pain!)


So, we have looked around for some classy numbers which will sass and class up your autumn wardrobe.



The all-rounder. Looks good with both dresses, skirts and trousers. However, if you do not want the bo-ho look, then opt for non-chunky with skirts and dresses. We love:


Good old Marks and Spencer do it again with flat jeans boots with enough detail to be interesting. Or for knee highs, try the Palomina Riding Boot from Jones Bootmaker, available in two colours.



We all love the pointy-toe high heel look, but only wear these if you are good on heels. You are likely to be more stable and comfortable in this year’s block heels. We love the front zip on these block heel boots from Office.



Over knee

If you are one of those enviable sassistas with long slim legs then take a look at these:

Lorde Black Stretch Suede Knee Boots

LK Bennett Lorde over-knee suede stretch covers all bases. Even better they come in three colours – black, smoke and truffle. If the price puts you off then Marks & Spencer are doing a very similar style in black or grey for just £125.00.



Choose high heeled or flat ankle boots to accent your wardrobe this autumn.  

 Ravel Coleman Heeled Ankle Boots in Bordo Velvetare just beautiful. Also in black, though this burgundy will get you shoe-envy.




Wedge heels and a very solid sole will have you walking as well as looking good. The buckle is in line with Autumn trends. Available from Marks and Spencer Autumn collection.


The versatile Jessia boot from UGG will keep your toes toasty. Perfect for those long walks through the leaves. For a different look turn the fur collar up on these and wear at calf length.


Something different

Additions and details are definitely on trend this Autumn, but after a certain age you have to be sparing with tassles, pom-poms and fringes. We found the following which have subtle details which are classy rather than cutesy.



The detail on these Ravel Chambers heeled ankle boot in ink just makes you want to walk in them.



Animal print: If Theresa May can do it so can we! We love these from Ravel and LK Bennett, but for something a bit more understated try the Dune Oaklee Buckle Block heel boot.



Tortoiseshell Heel Ankle Boots with Insolia®   Marks and Spencer lift a pair of elegant leather ankle boots with tortoiseshell heels.


We love these Khaki ankle boots from Simply Be


Sassistas, when researching this article we found so many pairs of boots that we loved - in fact far too many to feature here! There's certainly no shortage of styles, colours, fabrics and varying heel height boots out there, so enjoy the choice, and have a sassy autumn!

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