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Sassy dressing

Do you want to be a film-star but feel like a frump? Dressing for your best look means working with your body shape and finding a look which is Sassy not trashy. Remember, you have 45 seconds to make an impression. Read on to find out how to stun in seconds.


This Season’s Look – Statement Sleeves

Great arm style for the over 45s

They are popping up everywhere – ruffs, puffs, flares and bows – and all on the sleeve. This season’s ‘must have’ is the statement sleeve which can add definite  interest to your look, but our trawl of the offerings tells us that Sassistas over 45 need to choose their statement sleeves for style and take care.

First, what to avoid.

Wide Leg Trousers and Palazzo Pants

The top buys for wide leg and palazzo pants

Now many of us will be singing hallelujah as fashion swings back to wide leg pants. Skinny jeans are increasingly seen only on young men with abnormally thin legs and an even more abnormal ability to shove their shins into a tube of denim which would barley fit a rhubarb stick. To our minds it is not a good look or a good option for their nether regions – but that is for them to suffer.

Faux Fur – this Autumn’s nod at 1950’s decadence

The best faux fur coats for women over 45

There is something luxurious and decadent about being snuggled up in fur. But do you want to be thinking of the poor little beast suffering a vile life in a cage, waiting to die, just to adorn your back and ego? Not many of us will even contemplate the thought of an animal dying for our vanity.

Seasonal style – top tips for beautiful autumn and winter coats

Well the chill is a-coming, unless you are a Southern Hemisphere Sassista looking forward to long warm evenings, in which case we look on you with envy eyes! For the rest of us the leaves are dropping, wind is rising, rain is falling and we are facing the annual doomsday predictions of the hardest winter for decades - but they say that every year. No matter, it is a good excuse to pull on your boots and go hunting for your winter coat.

Autumn Boots

Top tips for looking great in boots

Last month we looked at Autumn Shoe trends and high on the list is boots. Every Autumn as the leaves start to fall and the winds chill, suddenly the thought of snuggling into a pair of warm knee-highs seems the height of luxury. 

Top tips for getting on trend with autumn foot wear

Well, the nights are drawing in for us Northern Hemisphere Sassistas and soon there will be a nip in the air. Sandals will be dispatched to the storage box under the bed and the strappy summer stuff pushed to the back of the wardrobe. 

It’s time to think about our autumn looks. This week we focus on shoes as it is always a good time to buy shoes.

Top tips for sassy sandal wearing

Summer really is here. Bags are being packed for holidays and every case needs a set of summer sandals. But how do you ensure you look sassy and never silly as you bare your toes to the sun?

First the big mistakes for sassistas over 45:

Top tips for looking good in a swimsuit

Well the summer holiday season is here and the beach is beckoning. But are you feeling beach body ready? Or are you planning to lurk behind a baggy top and a pair of leggings? The sassistas have been looking into flattering swimsuits and how to look good in the pool, on the beach or just in the garden. If you look like Helen Mirren in her red bikini, you probably do not need to read this article. If you are like the rest of us, read on.

Sassy shopping for style

Great clothes for the over fifty woman

Are you a women over 50 looking for smart, trendy clothes? Do you want dresses for women over 50 which do not make you look like your granny? Do you dream of an outfit which has colour and style rather than fifty shades of grey or beige?

Thongs or big knickers?

Did Bridget Jones have it right all along?

According to Harriet Walker (The Times, May 2016) thongs are no longer the underwear of choice for girls who want to avoid the dreaded VPL. Apparently, big knickers are back in Vogue and so well designed that you would never even know you had them on.

High heels or flatties?

Are our feet a feminist issue? Or just an issue of choice?

When Nicola Thorpe hit the headlines with her complaint against PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (or really the reception agency) request for her to wear 2-4 inch heels, there was a frenzy of feminist and female-fashionista comments.

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