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Jewellery for true Sassy-style

How to use statement jewellery for maximum impact and style

We all love sparkles, but not all of us can afford the gems of Elizabeth Taylor or Mrs Simpson. Both women knew just how to place and mix their bling for maximum effect, but let’s face it - they had the type of jewels which could only impress. 

Most of us have to make do with less. But what can we learn from the gem-divas?

A few rules to sophisticated and Sassy jewellery.

  • Less is more. A single, beautiful piece catches the eye. Too many make you look like a walking bling-stall

  • No more than three bangles – you are not a Nordic warrior!

  • One necklace – the Madonna look came and went with her in the 1980s

  • You do not have to wear every ring you own at the same time. Two complimenting rings on one finger can work. Three on each finger is a knuckle-duster. One finger adorned on each hand is safely Sassy.

  • Big earrings need to be handled with care – and huge loops are for young girls who want that Rhianna look.

  • Small and classy is a better investment than bulk-buy tat

  • Avoid clunky, clanky, over-fussy necklaces. You can look like a baby rattle.

  • Fake designer will always look like fake designer

  • Co-ordinate with your clothes. Don’t wear jewellery just because you like it. If it doesn’t suit the clothes it will just look daft. Wear it another time.

  • Wear jewellery to suit your size. Smaller Sassistas can get swamped in big jewellery.

  • Plastic is rarely an option. If you are on a budget, go to a craft show and buy glass or enamel pieces. See our article on interesting statement jewellery designers. [link]

So what have we seen which really works?

  • A plain dress or top with a stunning set of glass beads. These catch the light and so the eye. Not only do they jazz up plain clothes but they detract from anything you are trying to conceal such as waist or arms. The only caution here is if you are big-busted, in which case keep the beads above cleavage level.

  • Statement earrings and everything else very small. Some people say that earrings are the female equivalent of a man’s tie. (Hmmm – the Sassistas are not sure about this one as we think a damn good necklace might be closer.) However, if you are going to detract upwards with an earlobe adornment, then let them gleam. Any other jewellery needs to be small and understated.

  • Using a single piece of statement jewellery to detract from other parts of your body. Stunning necklaces detract from the waist. Amazing bracelets detract from the bust. Earrings detract from the upper body.  If you don’t want people looking somewhere, take their eyes somewhere else!

  • Plain black or other dark, plain shift dresses lifted by a single stunning neck-piece such as a torque or heavy chain. It looks simple, chic and totally Sassy.

 The Sassitas have started seeking out great designers of intresting and classy jewellery. We are aiming to cover a range of budgets – from a few pounds to big-bucks. Look at our first article on statement jewellery ideas [link] and also, get in touch if you have found something lovely.

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