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Accent bags

There is nothing like an accent bag to detract from your shape or make a very safe outfit just a little bit more Sassy. However, our advice from the wonderful ladies in John Lewis bag departments is that accent means accentand not a garish display of gold and bling. Accent bags are bold and catch the eye for all the right reasons:

  • Creating a splash of colour for an otherwise plain outfit

  • Creating an eye-catching contrast - but make sure your colours work together

  • Making a bold statement about your personality

We did a Sassista raid on John Lewis, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, and found that this season is offering a good range of options from bold to sophisticated, to just interesting. We have kept to our classy but Sassy principles and steered away from the following:

  • Shiny plastic (too teenage)

  • Clanky chains (they wear and soon turn from Sassy to scratched)

  • Bags with slogans such as ‘Born to Shop’ (we do not have to explain that one!)

  • Bags with a lot of bits stuck on – beads, flowers, butterflies (these are Ok for a beach wedding but not for work or a Sassy shopping trip)

Our favourites came from:

  • Mulberry – if you have money and an urge to invest long term the style oozes out

  • Radley – for interesting and useable with subtle use of contrasting colours for interest

  • Coach – for bold colours and contrast-matched purses

  • Ted Baker  -  for beautiful shape and colour

Go to our Sassita raid article on the website for more ideas. [link]

If you have seen anything beautiful out there, please let us know.

Above: Coach Scout Leather Hobo bag, John Lewis online £325

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