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Beautiful beaded evening bags without guilt

Last week we posted an article about evening bags – those essential additions to turn an evening dress into a co-ordinated evening outfit. We mentioned this years ‘must have’ – the beaded bags but questioned how anything so labour intensive and intricate could be delivered without the stink of a sweatshop.  Well we have been proven wrong and are delighted to be so.

We have found beauty and fairness delivered together in bags sold by Monsoon and the accessories arm, Accessorize. The Monsoon Group not only insists on suppliers signing up to a code of conduct but they do regular visits and spot checks. Any issues are addressed through co-operation and failure to play a fair game results in business being withdrawn. More than that, their ethical compliance team works with home-based artisans ‘to ensure these craftspeople receive fair ‘piece rates’ for their wonderful work.’

So the Sassistas are delighted to cover a selection of simply gorgeous bags which are lovely not only for their design but also for ensuring that the women who make them are not suffering for our desire to be Sassy.

The Monsoon bags

Monsoon tend be more subtle than Accessorize so go here for elegant bags in gold, silver and pearl shades – or sassy black and understated.


Aimee embellished bridal box clutch - not just for brides and weddings! £69
Luna beaded clutch bag reduced from £29 to £21.50 (at time of publishing)
Jove metallic
diamante clutch £35
Paula diamante vintage
pouch £89
Portia heatseal navy
clutch bag £35
Ayanna beaded foldover
clutch bag £29
Amirah heatseal clutch bag reduced from £45 to £13.50 (at time of publishing)
 Esme sparkle
clutch bag £25
Leda sparkle
clutch bag £49
Jamaya beaded
pearl pouch £45


The Accessorize bags

We could have delivered a whole article just on the Accessorize bags – such is the range and the different colour. Here are a few of our favourites – but best to go to the shop and brows as many have matching purses and even jewellery.


Glitzy Butterfly hardcase clutch £49
Multi gem hard case clutch bag £49
Kyoto beaded hard case clutch £49

Eve embellished zip top
clutch bag £29

Portia embellished envelope clutch bag £22
Multi Butterfly hardcase
clutch bag £49
Penelope embellished
clutch £22


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