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Shoes, bags, gloves, hats – we love them. They make or break your look. But do you know how to mix, match and merge to Sassy that look? If you do have the skill but not the time, we are on the hunt for good products which meet the Sassy criteria.


Beautiful beaded evening bags without guilt

Last week we posted an article about evening bags – those essential additions to turn an evening dress into a co-ordinated evening outfit. We mentioned this years ‘must have’ – the beaded bags but questioned how anything so labour intensive and intricate could be delivered without the stink of a sweatshop.  Well we have been proven wrong and are delighted to be so.

Party Accessories

The top sassy evening bags

Christmas is less than six weeks away and Christmas parties are already getting into swing. City venues are full every Friday and the tinsel is going up. Come December, nearly every corporate entity and charity will be inviting people to merry it up for the season.

Sassy Finds – Jewellery Designer Number Two

REM Jewellery

According to Archeology we have been adorning ourselves for over 100,000 years with nature’s gifts. Excavations have found shell beads which are the earliest signs that woman wanted to be more than a pretty face with jewellery as fashion.

Sassy Finds – Jewellery Designer Number One

Corrie Chilcott, Cozam Creations

Being a Sassista is all about your life, your choice and not following the crowd. In our article “Jewellery for True Sassy Style” (published on 16thJune 2016) we talked about using striking accent jewellery to draw attention away from your less-liked parts.

Jewellery for true Sassy-style

How to use statement jewellery for maximum impact and style

We all love sparkles, but not all of us can afford the gems of Elizabeth Taylor or Mrs Simpson. Both women knew just how to place and mix their bling for maximum effect, but let’s face it - they had the type of jewels which could only impress. 

Accent bags

There is nothing like an accent bag to detract from your shape or make a very safe outfit just a little bit more Sassy. However, our advice from the wonderful ladies in John Lewis bag departments is that accent means accentand not a garish display of gold and bling. Accent bags are bold and catch the eye for all the right reasons:

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