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Annie Reviews:

The London Soap Co, Milk and Honey Antibacterial Handwash 

Price: An absolutely ridiculous £2.95! Why?

Because you can get it through http://teepolonline.co.uk who supply catering level cleaning stuffs (so you can Sassy-scent your whole house if you like). This is a special luxury line with them and it’s not in the shops.

Size: 500ml

Feel of the product: Excellent – equal to the very expensive.

Scent: Fresh, delicate with a definite note of honey. Annie is now selecting from the other nine fragrances to dot around the house.

Packaging: Classy and looks ten time more expensive than it is. You can leave this by any sink and feel Sassy.

Results: Clean, soft de-bacterialised hands without that chemical feel.

Value for money: What can I say? It can only get top marks on this

Score:9 /10

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