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Annie Reviews:

Lush Skin’s Shangri-La Facial Moisturiser

Price: £29.50 for 45g

Feel: Quite greasy, so best used before bed

Scent: Very strong scent, not particularly pleasant. This moisturiser has a whole host of ingredients (26 actually) including wheatgrass, seaweed and beeswax which probably account for the smell.

Packaging: Usual simple packaging from Lush – recyclable and, don’t forget, if you take back 5 full size Lush pots you get a fresh mask free!

Results: Amazing. The smell and feel may not be the best, but leaves skin feeling so soft and deeply moisturised and hydrated. It’s been ages since my skin felt this soft.

Value: A little pricey but the results are worth it.

Rating: 9/10

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